The Shadow Scarf, Abandoned House

Abandoned House Productions presents an emotionally involving and mesmerizing drama, The Shadow Scarf, starring Asta Paredes and Clay von Carlowitz. Writer/director/actor Clay von Carlowitz explores what happens when a dark secret from the past strikes back in unsuspecting ways. 

The Shadow Scarf begins on a cold and foggy night. An unsuspecting bartender will find himself on a blind date with fate. During the night, Jeffrey (Carlowitz )will soon learn her name is Aurora. She brings a storm with her that no forecast could have predicted.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch The Shadow Scarf:

5) Jeffrey!

The Shadow Scarf from Abandoned House Productions on Vimeo.

Carlowitz describes his character, “I was fascinated by this bartender who was pretending to be this mentor, but ultimately wanted you to drink more and spend more money. From my own experience watching other bartenders, I’ve learned that they can be really shallow people just trying to seem more interesting than they actually are. What does it mean to be a charming individual free of consequence?”

4) Clay von Carlowitz!

With a dynamic screen presence, Clay von Carlowitz holds onto the audience’s attention with a gripping character-driven performance. Jeffrey (Carlowitz) is such an interesting character who masks his guilt and flaws with his sarcasm and cynicism. 

3) Aurora!

The Shadow Scarf

The Shadow Scarf writer/director mentions, “It’s a romantic and sexual attraction between Jeffrey and Aurora, but there’s layers of history. There’s hurt, pain somewhere at the center. Ultimately, that’s going to come out.”

2) Asta Paredes!

Matching Carlowitz’s intensity, Asta Paredes delivers a fierce performance as Aurora. Throughout the narrative, Aurora (Paredes) plays her own mind games with Jeffrey (Carlowitz) and constantly messes with his head.

1) The Music!

The Shadow Scarf

The eclectic music by Grant Glidden engrosses the ears and carries the drama throughout. Viewers are in for a surreal listening experience! 

The Shadow Scarf is now available to watch here.

By Jorge Solis