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With its fun concept about a spunky teen cop, Rocket Girl #8 (Image Comics) is a solidly entertaining read that mixes time-travel and police procedural. Writer Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur) craft a stylish police story that holds a genuine love for the ‘80s.

In the Rocket Girl series, DaYoung Johansson relaunches her investigation into crimes against time. DaYoung is the teen-cop-from-the-future but her adventures continue in the ‘80s. Now a major clue lands right in front of her as prepares the takedown of the evil corporation known as Quintum Mechanics.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pick up Rocket Girl #8:

5) A Badass Teen Cop!

Writer Brandon Montclare breaks down the essence of teen angst through his female lead. DaYoung has a feisty and rebellious attitude towards authority. I really like how this juvenile character even calls out others on their bull crap and then drops the toughness when an innocent life is in danger. 

4) Reeder’s Fantastic Artwork!

Artist Amy Reeder depicts a teen cop who is jokey, light, and unpredictable on her feet. Out in the field, DaYoung wears a all-white futuristic suit with shades of blue and red, like a flying police siren. You can tell Reeder is having so much fun drawing ‘80s pop culture in the background.

3) Fun With Time Travel!

Montclare and Reeder capture a playful atmosphere when dealing with the rules of time travel. What we think is the future is actually DaYoung’s “present.” The narrative focuses more on being a police procedural than being bonged down by temporal paradoxes.

2) The ‘80s Theme

In the opening pages, the poppy colors bring to life the bouncy noise inside an arcade center.  The vivid color palette captures a gritty city that basks in danger and fun. Even when readers get a peek at the future, the streets and tall buildings are presented through crooked high angles. 

1) An Energetic Police Procedural

Upbeat and beaming with energy, Rocket Girl #8 continues to engage readers with its witty humor and eye-catching visuals. You’re going to love the Rocket Girl series once you pick up this issue!


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Rocket Girl #8 arrives in stores on August 2, 2017.

– By Jorge Solis

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  1. I’m glad they finally released this. I bought Rocket Volume 1 and I ended up loving the concepts of time travel and incorruptible teen cops. Also, the artwork is amazing.

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