Deception Episode 13, ABC

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With the season finale finally upon us, ABC brings audiences to their world of magic one more time in, Deception, starring Jack Cutmore-Scott and Ilfenesh Hadera, with Episode 13: Transposition. Get ready to fight crime and learn a few magic tricks alongside magician Cameron Black (Scott) and FBI agent Kay Daniels (Hadera).

While Jonathan Black (Scott) awaits to be released from prison, The Femme Fatale (Stephanie Corneliussen) is being interrogated by Kay. Jordan (Justin Chon), Gunter (Vinnie Jones), and Dina (Lenora Crichlow) are excited to have Jonathan back. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.  

While Femme Fatale’s is awaiting arraignment, she reveals there is a politician in danger. Cameron and Kay arrive to see the politician’s limo sequestered by two moving trucks inside the First Avenue Tunnel. Later on, the bodyguard rescues the politician in a staged shootout. Cameron and Kay realize the real plan wasn’t to kidnap him; it was to get to his wife.

Kay, Jonathan, and Cameron all have their roles in the complex plan to rescue the wife but they need the muscle.Trying again to make amends, Dina begs Mike Alvarez (Amaury Nolasco) for his help. The magic team needs him; she needs him.

Elsewhere, the Femme Fatale reveals she is connected to Jonathan’s past. She is the little girl from his childhood; her first crush. Jonathan’s coin is the same one he gave her.  

Deception Episode 13, ABC
DECEPTION – The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jonathan Wenk)

At the gala event, Cameron causes the distraction while Jonathan heads to the basement. The bodyguard suddenly realizes he is a different location. The key pad isn’t the same one like in the real gala event.  

Pressed for time, Jonathan gets the last digits to the key pad from the Femme Fatale. While the kidnapped wife is rescued, the bodyguard fights Gunter and Jordan. Mike arrives in the nick of time to save Dina from the bodyguard.  

Cameron and Kay have reunited the kidnapped wife with her husband. Carefully and slowly, the group walks out of the party. The politician tells the guard to vote in the upcoming election before they all exit together.

At the wrap party, Dina reveals she has gotten Mike’s job back at the FBI. Jonathan advises Mike to forgive Dina because she’s worth it. Everything seems to be going all right for them.

All of a sudden, Jonathan watches as the Femme Fatale makes a deal for herself and escapes from FBI custody. Back at the prison, Cameron attempts to break his brother out. Jonathan betrays his brother, punches Cameron, and knocks him out.

Pretending to be Cameron, Jonathan is packing his things when Kay suddenly shows up. Kay wants to know if she will see him again. Seeing Kay in tears, Jonathan makes no promises and leaves.

Deception Episode 13, ABC
DECEPTION – “The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Giovanni Rufino)

While Cameron rots away in prison, Jonathan has a date with the Femme Fatale as she whispers her name into his ear.  

Deception has wrapped up its first season on ABC.

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