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5 Reasons to Get ‘WWE’ #23 (BOOM! Studios)!

WWE #23, BOOM! Studios

(Courtesy of BOOM! Studios) An incredible installment, WWE #23 (BOOM! Studios) delivers another triumphant tale about the phenomenal one, A.J. Styles! Readers are definitely going to enjoy the inspiring behind-the-scenes theatrics from their favorite superstar! AJ Styles has regained the WWE Title, only to immediately be thrown into his biggest challenge yet: facing Universal Champion […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Marvel Action: Spider-Man #1!’

Marvel Action: Spider-Man #1, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of Marvel/IDW Publishing) A fun and entertaining adventure, Marvel Action: Spider-Man #1 (Marvel Comics/IDW Publishing) captures the adolescent vibe and exciting energy of a superhero-in-training. Readers will definitely enjoy the promise of more costumed crusaders to come in the series. Peter Parker has thrown down with deadly villains and legendary heroes, but high school […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ #88!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #88, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing) A knockout installment, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #88 (IDW Publishing) delivers the emotional conclusion after such pulse-pounding and intense action sequences. As its latest story arc closes off, the TMNT series keeps readers entertained, while taking the popular franchise into exciting and fresh territory. The TMNT, Bishop, and their respective allies […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive’ #2!

Dead Alive #2, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing) With so much pulp and grittiness smashing through the page, Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #2 (IDW Publishing) satisfyingly holds up as neo-noir with attitude. The most iconic comic-strip heroes of all time makes his return in an eye-popping reboot! Dick Tracy begins the herculean task of ridding the city of […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Quantum + Woody!’ #12!

Quantum + Woody! #12, Valiant

(Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment) With a surprise guest star, Quantum + Woody! #12 (Valiant Entertainment) keeps the plot moving at a quick pace, while pushing the action and drama! The Quantum + Woody series has done tremendous wonders with its two head-butting and charismatic protagonists! Now that Eric and Woody Henderson know they have what […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Livewire’ #1 (Valiant Entertainment)!

Livewire #1, Valiant

(Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment) With a riveting lead protagonist, Livewire #1 (Valiant Entertainment) includes interesting supporting characters brought to life by an action-driven narrative. The perfect introduction to new readers, Livewire wonderfully sets up the premise for an electrifying must-read series.   Seeking to protect other vulnerable super-powered psiots like herself, Livewire plunged the United […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Battlepug: The Compugdium’ (Image Comics)!

Battlepug Compugdium, Image

(Courtesy of Image Comics) Weaving an entertaining spell of fantasy, self-parody, and adventure, Battlepug: The Compugdium (Image Comics) delivers all kinds of sword, canine, and muscle action! The award-winning webcomic, about a lonely man and his faithful companion, is put together in one massive must-read collection. At long last, the award-winning fantasy/humor webcomic is collected […]

5 Reasons We Love ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ #2 Covers!

Buffy Vampire Slayer #2 Covers, BOOM! Studios

(Courtesy of BOOM! Studios) Before the new year, BOOM! Studios has unveiled an amazing slew of covers for the highly anticipated Buffy The Vampire Slayer #2. Based on the groundbreaking series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, check out how the pop culture phenomenon will continue in the comic book realm. As we previously mentioned, the license […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Luke Cage: Everyman’ (Marvel Comics)!

Luke Cage: Everyman, Marvel

(Courtesy of Marvel Comics) A remarkable blend of urban crime, medical drama, and superhero thrills, Marvel Comics really packs an unforgettable punch with the Luke Cage: Everyman trade. Longtime fans and new readers will find themselves unexpectedly rewarded when they reach the final page. With Harlem in the grips of an unprecedented heat wave, the […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Gideon Falls’ #8 (Image Comics)!

Gideon Falls #8, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics) A terrifying new chapter continues, Gideon Falls #8 (Image Comics) delivers nonstop scares in every single frightening page. The creative team behind Old Man Logan and Green Arrow take on mental illness and faith with such intense mediation. As the gossamer threads that appear to connect Father Fred and Norton across […]