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5 Reasons We Love ‘Dark Wing #2’ (Heavy Metal Elements)!

dark wing #2, dark wing

As the series continues, Dark Wing #2 (Heavy Metal Elements) pushes the character-driven plot and sci-fi action to another ultra level. Writer Matt Medney and artist German Ponce examine the character dynamics while providing a whirlwind aerial flight.  “As time moves fluidly throughout the journey of the Dark Wing‘s crew a plot to foil the way […]

5 Reasons We Need ‘Nicnevin And The Bloody Queen!’

Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen, Humanoids

Nicnevin and the Bloody Queen (Humanoids) will genuinely rock readers with its personal teen angst and spellbinding folk horror story. Get ready for an honest depiction of family dysfunction and personal moments of quiet despair.  “In the story, London teen “Nissy” Oswald is stuck in the countryside for the entire summer with only her mother […]