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5 Reasons To Get ‘Shadowman’ #2 (Valiant Entertainment)!

Shadowman #2, Valiant

(Courtesy of Valiant) Mixing superhero and horror action at a gripping pace, Shadowman #2 (Valiant Entertainment) continues to be a great supernatural thriller. With so much potential to unlock, Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia’s Shadowman provide the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. The malignant presence of Baron Samedi – a ravenous voodoo deity bent […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘WWE’ #16 (BOOM! Studios)!

WWE #16, BOOM! Studios

(Courtesy of BOOM! Studios) With of solid dose of wrestling action, WWE  #16 (BOOM! Studios) follows the most popular female wrestler as she challenges the system behind-the-scenes. Readers are definitely going to enjoy the over-the-top wrestling theatrics from their favorite superstar! The Women’s Evolution continues as the bond between the Four Horsewomen fractures! Jealousy takes […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ #26 (BOOM! Studios)!

Power Rangers #26, BOOM! Studios

(Courtesy of BOOM! Studios) The epic crossover continues with so tension and action as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 (BOOM! Studios) delivers an energetic boost of teen drama and superhero dynamics. The Power Rangers are caught unprepared after the loss of familiar friend. The shocking events of “Shattered Grid” continue from the last issue. Lord […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Quantum + Woody!’ #5 (Valiant Entertainment)!

Quantum Woody #5

(Courtesy of Valiant) With such hilarious dialogue and interesting characters, Quantum + Woody! #5 (Valiant Entertainment) is quite a refreshing read with its odd couple superhero team. Readers will appreciate the craziness that writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Kano deliver with each installment. After three decades and 10,000 miles, the moment of truth has finally […]

5 Reasons We’re Excited For The Beauty Of Horror: Ultimate Nightmare, Deluxe Coloring Set (IDW Publishing)!

Beauty Horror: Ultimate Nightmare Deluxe, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing) Alan Robert is giving away more scary things for readers to color with The Beauty of Horror: Ultimate Nightmare, Deluxe Coloring Set (IDW Publishing)! With his latest installment, the Life of Agony bassist and comic book creator gives readers a cool, fun coloring experience with a deluxe format. As we previously […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ #81 (IDW Publishing)!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #81, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of IDW) Introducing a new story arc, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #81 delivers a solid action sequence while teasing the unexpected arrival of a terrifying nemesis. The TMNT series continues to take the popular franchise into new territory. New York City is in ruins after the Triceraton Invasion. Various groups jockey for control in […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Gideon Falls’ #2 (Image Comics)!

Gideon Falls #2, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics) A  spellbinding blend of rural mystery and urban horror, Gideon Falls #2 (Image Comics) delivers the thrills and suspense at a gripping pace. The creative team behind Old Man Logan and Green Arrow dive into the themes of mental illness and faith. The mysteries of the “Black Barn” heighten as the […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #2’ (IDW Publishing)!

Supernatural Dreams #2, October Fraction

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing)  A wickedly fun comic for horror fans, The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #2 (IDW Publishing) throws its quirky cast of characters into an action-packed plot. Writer Steve Niles and artist Damien Worm presents a terrifying antagonist in an amazing set of illustrations. As we previously mentioned, the quiet town of Gristlewood is […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Sword Of Ages’ #3 (IDW Publishing)!

Sword Ages #3, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing) A fantastical re-imagination of Arthurian legends, Sword of Ages #3 (IDW Publishing) continues with its epic-sized narrative that will truly delight and thrill readers. The third installment transcends the visuals and explores the story’s themes. As we previously mentioned, this is an all-new vision of the Excalibur myth. Now that the […]