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Interview: Anthony Del Col Talks ‘Son Of Hitler’ (Image Comics)!

Anthony Del Col, Son Hitler, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics) Available in stores now, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with writer Anthony Del Col, who discusses his thought-provoking spy thriller, Son of Hitler (Image Comics). Check out how this never-before-told tale of Adolf Hitler’s secret child examines what was the true key to ending World War II. In 1944 Occupied […]

Interview: Dean Haspiel Talks ‘The Red Hook Vol. 1: New Brooklyn!’

Red Hook, Red Hook Vol.1, Dean Haspiel, Red Hook, Last Bar

(Courtesy of Image Comics) In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, writer/artist Dean Haspiel discusses his must-read superhero adventure, The Red Hook Volume 1: New Brooklyn (Image Comics). The critically acclaimed writer/artist  breaks down his amazing first collection, which notably became the winner of the Ringo Award for Best Webcomic 2017! All of a sudden, […]

Interview: Barney Burman Talks ‘Wild Boar!’

Barney Burman, Wild Boar,

Villain Media has an exclusive interview with filmmaker Barney Burman as he discusses his upcoming terrifying independent horror film, Wild Boar. In his directorial debut, the special make-up effects master has put together a must-see ensemble cast that includes Augie Duke, Daniel Robbuck, and Jessica Sonneborn. In a hidden colony, there are wild boars that […]

Interview: Michael A. MacRae Talks ‘Fishbowl California!’

Michael A. MacRae, Fishbowl California

(Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures/It’s Gonna Be Great, LLC) Villain Media has an exclusive interview with writer/director Michael A. MacRae, who discusses his romantic coming-of-age comedy, Fishbowl California. Check out how this charming independent comedy, starring Steve Olson, Katherine Cortez, and Jenna Willis will win audiences everywhere. Rodney (Olson) is currently unemployed and on the verge […]

Interview: Marko Mäkilaakso Talks ‘It Came From The Desert!’

Marko Mäkilaakso, It Came From The Desert

(Courtesy of Roger! Pictures) With the latest horror/comedy from Roger! Pictures arriving on Video On Demand, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with writer/director Marko Mäkilaakso discussing his giant insect movie, It Came From The Desert. Find out how this pulpy monster flick was inspired by the 1989 action/adventure game by Cinemaware! It was supposed to […]

‘Deception’ Post Mortem: Chris Fedak Talks Two-Part Season Finale!

Deception Finale, Chris Fedak

(Courtesy of ABC/Giovanni Rufino) After airing its thrilling two-part season finale, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with executive producer Chris Fedak discussing the epic conclusion to ABC’s crime/magic drama, Deception, starring Jack Cutmore-Scott and Ilfenesh Hadera. Find out how the Deception creator was able to wrap up the first season with the help of […]

Interview: Actress Katie Burgess Talks ‘The Jurassic Games!’

Actress Katie Burgess, Jurassic Games

(Courtesy of High Octane Pictures, Boiling Point Media, Uncork’d Entertainment) Not only do we have a must-see clip from her upcoming movie, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with actress Katie Burgess as she discusses The Jurassic Games, the sci-fi/action thriller from High Octane Pictures, Boiling Point Media, and Uncork’d Entertainment. In the near future, can these […]

Interview: Greg Wright Talks ‘Holliston: Friendship Is Tragic’ (Source Point Press)!

Greg Wright Holliston, Friendship is Tragic

(Courtesy of Source Point Press) Now available from from Source Point Press’ must-read catalog, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with writer Greg Wright about Holliston: Friendship is Tragic, his fun adaptation of the cult TV show. The beloved characters from the fan-favorite TV series are back to celebrate Halloween to the fullest. As we […]

Interview: Actor Kevin Sizemore Talks ‘The Work Wife!’

Kevin Sizemore, Work Wife

(Courtesy of Kevin Sizemore) In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, actor Kevin Sizemore discusses his role in the romantic office thriller from MarVista, The Work Wife, co-starring Elisabeth Harnois and Cerina Vincent. Sizemore dishes on the consequences when you unexpectedly cross the work spouse! Things are really looking up for Sean (Sizemore) and Lisa […]

‘Deception’ Post Mortem: Chris Fedak Dissects “Getting Away Clean”

Post Mortem, Deception, ABC

(Courtesy of ABC/Giovanni Rufino) Continuing after its epic two-part mystery, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with Deception executive producer Chris Fedak discussing Getting Away Clean, starring Ilfenesh Hadera and Jack Cutmore-Scott. Take a trip to New York City to learn how magician Cameron Black (Scott) and FBI agent Kay Daniels (Hadera) fight crime through the […]