Angela Carbone, Asta Paredes

Abandoned House Productions presents the superbly acted and emotionally pure, The Slightest Touch, starring Angela Carbone. In her frenetic psychodrama, writer/director Asta Paredes vividly paints a nerve-wracking day in a character’s life. 

A woman seeks balance while battling the intense feelings of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following an assault.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see The Slightest Touch:

5) Angela Carbone

The Slightest Touch from Abandoned House Productions on Vimeo.

From start to finish, Angela Carbone captures such tenderness and humanity in the role of Woman. At certain times, through gut-churning and realistically frightening scenes, you feel for Carbone’s character because she is incredibly vulnerable. 

4) A Meaningful Performance

Angela Carbone
The Slightest Touch

In our interview, Carbone describes how the project changed her, “Each set is a place to pick up new tools to add to your belt, so you’re constantly picking up new skills and approaches to the craft. Asta’s set was hard to beat simply because it was such a personal story and I could really work some magic on set — not just creating a meaningful performance for whoever was watching, but to create a story to heal, to gain closure, to understand. It sets the bar high for any other role I’d like to do.”

3) A Unique Perspective

In our interview, Paredes reveals what the story means to her, “Post-traumatic stress disorder has been an unfortunate personal journey for me. As an artist I’m lucky that I get to use art to process life. I had scribbled some thoughts and put them aside. Then one day, I realized this feature length film I was developing required me to make some smaller films of my own first. So in order to grow as a person and filmmaker, I decided to do this piece about a subject I don’t just know, but have a unique perspective on it.”

2) The Look!

The cinematography by Max Marcellus is quite interesting to look at. The camera has to present a good-natured and quiet character, who’s struggling with her own inner feelings, and the low-key locations have to become vibrantly menacing.

1) Superbly Moving!

The Slightest Touch

The Slightest Touch is undeniably intense and superbly moving. Viewers will definitely react to what the main character feels and start a dialogue.

The Slightest Touch can be seen here:

By Jorge Solis