In an exclusive Interview with Villain Media, editor/writer James Aquilone talks about the new deluxe edition of Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Monstrous Books). Revisit the iconic book that spawned the cult TV series starring Darren McGavin.

Monstrous Books has acquired the print rights to Kolchak and will be releasing a limited hardcover edition of Jeff Rice’s original novel. In the novel, reporter Carl Kolchak investigates the corpses of young women – many were working night jobs. They are discovered drained of blood and with unusual puncture marks on their necks.

With the Kickstarter page now running, James Aquilone discusses what’s in store for readers, Kolchak’s longtime legacy, and the artwork within the book’s pages. Join us as we head into the writer’s room to talk about the craft of storytelling.

VILLAIN MEDIA: Tell me about the limited hardcover edition of the Kolchak: The Night Stalker novel.

JAMES AQUILONE: The book features a sew-in ribbon bookmark, red painted edges, a cover and six illustrations by Russ Braun, a foreword by David Dastmalchian, an afterword by Rodney Barnes, and a profile on Kolchak creator Jeff Rice by Mark Dawidziak.

VM: Tell me about the new foreword by actor David Dastmalchian (Late Night with the Devil).

JA: David is one of the biggest Kolchak fans and in his foreword, he talks about his history with the character and the series, as well as how it influenced his comic book, Count Crowley.

VM: The Boys is currently in its fourth season. Tell me about the cover and interior illustrations by The Boys artist Russ Braun.

JA: The cover depicts Kolchak and the vampire Janos Skorzeny with Las Vegas as the backdrop. Russ did an amazing job and the colors are just gorgeous. The illustrations are black and white and depict the most iconic scenes from The Night Stalker. Check out the campaign and see the art. The pieces speak for themselves.

VM: What do you think is the holding power of Jeff Rice’s original, cult novel? Why do you think it still gravitates toward longtime fans and new readers?

JA: Great writing will always keep readers coming back, and from the novel to the TV movies and series, Kolchak always had great writers. Jeff’s novel also had a strong sense of authenticity since he was a Las Vegas reporter himself, and he brought his experience and expertise to the story. It reads more like a reporter’s exposé than a fantasy novel.

VM: How has the Kolchak: The Night Stalker novel changed you as a storyteller?

JA: It showed me the importance of authenticity in storytelling, especially in the horror genre. As I said before, Jeff brought a lot of his experience as a reporter into The Night Stalker, and when it comes to fantastical horror, the more reality you can bring to it the better.

VM: What are you working on now?

JA: We’re already working on the next Kolchak project, which you probably won’t have to wait too long for. I’m also working on finishing up my comic book series with Zac Atkinson, The Omega Eleven #1, and my comic book magazine, Monstrous #2.

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From Jorge Solis