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A moody and gripping thriller, Silent Panic will keep audiences engaged thanks to its outstanding performances from its perfect ensemble, which includes Constance Brenneman and Sean Nateghi. Writer/director Kyle Schadt twists and turns the narrative, steering audiences to swing their sympathies from one character to another. 

After discovering a dead body in the trunk of their car, three young men are faced with fear and indecision. They struggle with the dilemma of either concealing a crime they did not commit, or reporting it to the police with the possibility of becoming suspects themselves. All three men make a choice, and their lives will never be the same.

Here 5 reasons why you should see Silent Panic:

5) The Trio!

Silent Panic

With a tight bond formed by dynamic chemistry, Joseph Martinez, Sean Nateghi, and Jay Habre push their characters through such raw intensity. Watch as the friendship between Eagle (Nateghi), Bobby (Martinez), and Dominic (Habre) gradually deteriorates during the gripping drama. Each of the main characters have such a jarring transformation as their guilty conscience festers. 

4) Constance Brenneman!

Though Robin arrives later in the narrative, audiences should keep their eyes on Constance Brenneman. Elevating the role of Eagle’s naive lover, Brenneman’s standout performance commands your attention. Brenneman brings poignancy and realism to Robin’s tense interactions with Eagle (Nateghi). 

3) Juliet Frew!

Silent Panic

As Sharon, Juliet Frew brings levity to the drama and adds a touch of comedic relief. Because of her naturalistic chemistry with her co-stars, Frew really comes across as distinctively charming. 

2) The Director!

Writer/director Kyle Schadt examines troubled relationships in a grounded and realistic manner. With so much to say about loneliness and despair, Schadt doesn’t even cheapen his dark vision with an easy and facile resolution. The Silent Panic filmmaker captures the breakup of a friendship holding it together until it no longer can.

1) Resonating Drama!

Silent Panic

Audiences will be riveted by the stellar ensemble of Silent Panic. Viewers will be in awe of how the cast bring their characters to life.

Silent Panic will open in Los Angeles for a weeklong run at the Arena Cinelounge on July 5th, 2019, before the premiering on Amazon Instant Video and VOD.

By Jorge Solis

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