Bottomfeeder Eibon Press, Bottomfeeder #1

(Courtesy of Eibon Press)

Filled with nudity, graphic violence, and mutant psycho killers, Bottomfeeder (Eibon Press) roars to life with its dark grindhouse magic during the gripping three-part series.  An ultra-violent thriller, Bottomfeeder will definitely shock and awe readers right till the very last page.

Lieutenant Joe Angell has descended into a nightmare suicide abyss of drugs and booze. An unstoppable 12 foot tall mutant monster is raping his beloved city of San Lucifer. The creature and its progeny are the beginnings of a new breed of slime-soaked vil. 

Here are 5 reasons why readers should get Bottomfeeder #1through #3:

5) A Master of Horror!

Bottomfeeder Eibon Press, Bottomfeeder #1

Are you a fan of Showtime’s Masters of Horror? Stephen Romano adapted the Joe Lansdale story, Incident on and off a Mountain Road. Imagine hot having to worry about budget, and you can let loose on gore and mayhem, you now have Bottomfeeder!

4) The Writing!

Based on a story by Shawn Lewis and Joseph Melendez Jr., writer Stephen Romano cleverly blends aspects of police procedurals, slasher movies, and psychological thrillers into one mind-trippy narrative. Not only does Joe Angell thrive into his underworld of hookers and drugs, this bad lieutenant also pleads for redemption as a failed father. Romano’s lettering focuses on Angell’s bleak and world-weary narration, especially in the final act, as the bad cop attempts to do something right with his pitiful life. 

3) The Art!

On pencils and inks, artist Pat Carbajal does a fantastic job illustrating the brutality and viciousness of the sex-crazed mutant creatures. When Joe starts shooting, Carbajal illustrates the blood popping out of the head-shots. Notice how Carbajal captures actor Joe Pilato (Day of the Dead)’s essence in Angell’s character design. 

2) The Colors!

Colorists Javi Laparra and Fatboy capture a vividly decadent underbelly filled with red and green tones. Red really stands out in the bullet-pumped finale as the body count starts piling up. The mutants have a sickly green hue that stands out, especially during its brutal orgy fest. 

1) An Exploitative Read!

So graphic in its imagery and so unflinching in its writing, Bottomfeeder is an uncompromising masterpiece! The illustrations will be stuck to your brain once you start reading!



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By Jorge Solis