5 Reasons We Love “Donna’s Got A New Man” In ‘Suits’ Season 8.5!

Suits Season 8.5 Donna, USA Network

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Before the upcoming premiere date, USA Network teases “Donna’s Got A New Man” in the Season 8.5 teaser promo of Suits, starring Gabriel Macht and Katherine Heigl. Now that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has left the firm, is lawyer Harvey Specter (Macht) ready to get back and take on new court cases?

During the seventh season finale, Mike (Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) had their long overdue wedding before leaving the firm. Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) saved the day and became the firm’s new partner, alongside Specter and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). Elsewhere, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) has set foot in Chicago to reunite with her long-lost family, while taking on a crooked politician and a shady real estate developer.

Here are 5 reasons why we can’t wait to see “Donna’s Got A New Man” In Suits Season 8.5:

5) He’s Managing Partner!

During the Season 8 midseason finale, Robert Zane (Pierce) and Harvey Specter (Macht) came very close to tearing the firm apart. Louis Litt (Hoffman) had to step in and take over as Managing Editor. In the promo, Louis has to be in the middle of Donna’s love life and asks, “Does Harvey know?”

4) Who’s The New Man!?!

According to TV Line, Grimm vet Sasha Roiz will be playing the role of Donna’s mysterious new man. In the promo, Donna has been arriving late to work because her mind and body is being occupied. Donna is already waking up in bed with her new lover.

3) He’s A CEO!

Thomas Kessler (Roiz) is the CEO of a high-end furniture design company. His company has actually been a longtime client of Zane/Specter/Litt/Wheeler/Williams. When Thomas returns to the firm for help, Donna steps in to assist with the situation, but, in doing so, also catches his eye.

2) Growing Pains!

Executive producer Aaron Korsh mentions that the presence of Donna’s new man “might cause some growth issues for” Harvey (Macht). In the promo, Harvey really doesn’t look too happy as he shakes Thomas’ hand.

1) Love Triangle!

The only thing I can guarantee with this love triangle between Thomas, Donna, and Harvey is that it’s going to be messy!

Suits continues Season 8 on USA Network January 23, 2018.

By Jorge Solis

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