Holliston, Friendship is Tragic

(Courtesy of Source Point Press)

Source Point Press will release the highly anticipated first graphic novel from the cult TV show by horror filmmaker Adam Green, Holliston: Friendship is Tragic. We’re very excited to see what happens when the beloved characters from the fan-favorite TV series celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

The Holliston graphic novel is based on the cult TV show by Adam Green, but it’s not just for fans of the show. The basic idea of the standalone is that it’s like The Big Bang Theory, except for horror nerds. Included easter eggs are references to Stephen King, serial killers, and John Carpenter movies. The story follows four friends who find a cursed credit card that threatens to destroy them, their friendship, and annihilate the town of Holliston itself.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Holliston: Friendship is Tragic:

5) The Writing!!

According to PreviewsWorld, taking over the adaptation duties is writer Greg Wright. You may recognize Wright for his work  on Monstrous: Mad Dash, who blends literally character with sci-fi, horror, and western. If Wright is making references to Stephen King books and John Carpenter movies, count me in!

4) The Artwork!!

What’s interesting about the cover is how the characters look similar to their real-life counterparts, Adam Green and Joe Lynch. The illustration looks stylish enough without steering them towards caricatures. I can’t wait to see more of the designs of artist Stephen Sharar with Laura Ortiz and Corri English!

3) The Show Brands Itself!!

In the adaptation, Adam buys gifts for his friends Joe, Laura, and Corri, from a mysterious shop full of rare items. Little does he know the card carried a terrible curse. Will the curse tear them apart and all of Holliston? It’s like a Christmas special gone horribly wrong!

2) Adam Green’s Movies!

I’m a huge fan of Green’s Hatchet franchise but my all-time favorite of his is definitely Frozen, featuring The Walking Dead’s Emma Bell. Victor Crowley also made an appearance in a crossover special with the Hack/Slash series. Have you seen Joe Lynch’s Mayhem on Shudder yet?

1) I Can’t Wait To Get the First Graphic Novel!

Preorder now, Holliston: Friendship is Tragic will be available on May 9th, 2018.

– By Jorge Solis

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