Black Mass

Cleopatra Entertainment delivers the stylish and disturbing true-crime thriller, Black Mass, starring Eva Hamilton and Sarah Nicklin, onto Blu-ray and DVD. Devanny Pinn’s directorial debut delivers a great ensemble drama that engagingly switches perspectives between the serial killer, the victims, and the survivors. 

The plot of Black Mass “follows a serial killer in the days leading up to his final, unhinged rampage, providing a disturbing and terrifying look into the warped psyche of a notorious murderer, as well as the ramifications of his violence for those who fell victim to it, and for those who survived.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should get your copy of Black Mass:

5) Period Piece!

It’s sneakily a period piece! I love the attention to detail the cast and crew did to capture the winter of ’78. As a viewer, I noticed the wardrobe, the hairstyles, and the slang within the dialogue. Even the music by Fernando Perdomo puts the audience into the zone. 

4) The Cinematography!

The camerawork by Noah Luke does a fantastic job putting the audiences into the mind of the serial killer (Andrew Sykes) and his female victims. The shots kickstart from first-person POV to over-the-shoulder to slightly third-person limited. The unsettling creepy vibe really hits when the stalker sneaks around the sorority house and listens in on the conversations, reminiscent of Black Christmas

3) The Ensemble!

With an ensemble that includes Hamilton, Nicklin, Lisa Wilcox, Lew Temple, Jeremy London, and Eileen Deitz, everyone here brings their A-game and does it without stealing the show. No one here is phoning it in, especially with the heavy material they’re portraying. Every single performance adds to how grounded and relatable their characters are.

2) The Direction!

With the story by Pinn, the screenplay by Eric Pereira and Brandon Slagle, the film deconstructs nostalgia and avoids the celebrity glorification of the real-life murderer. When the killer strikes, Pinn captures brutal and unhinged sequences that doesn’t flinch from the nastiness. The Black Mass director also spotlights the natural charisma that sparks within Hamilton and Nicklin, while covering their emotional range.

1) A Stylish Thriller!

Black Mass delivers a unique spin on real-life events. Director Devanny Pinn dives into the terrifying mind of a notorious murderer, while spending adequate screen time on the ramifications of lives lost. 

Black Mass is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital.

By Jorge Solis