Into The Badlands Season 3 Premiere, AMC

(Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC)

With tons more drama and action, AMC will air the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere of of their martial arts/fantasy drama, Into The Badlands, starring Daniel Wu (Tomb Raider) and Emily Beecham (Hail, Caesar!). Get ready for the visually striking fight sequences that action junkies love about this show!

As we previously mentioned, Into the Badlands is a genre-blending story of survival and dominance set in a future feudal society. Within the territory known as the Badlands, a variety of clans struggle for supremacy over one another. These clans have been formed by the destruction of familial bonds and skirmishes over power.

[Spoilers: We’ll be talking what happened in Season 2 of Into the Badlands from here on out] Here are 5 reasons to watch the Season 3 premiere of Into the Badlands:

5) Bajie’s Back!

I felt Nick Frost brought in the much-needed comic relief and broke the tension from the drama. After making a shocking discovery in the season two finale, I thought Bajie (Frost) was a goner since he was bleeding profusely.  I’m glad Bajie (Frost) will be sticking around more as Sunny’s sidekick.

4) Life After Veil!

In the second season finale, Veil’s death will have its own consequences. The third season starts off with Sunny (Wu) living off the grid, doing his best to provide for his infant son, Henry. In the wake of Veil’s death, what would cause Sunny to leave the safety of his home?

3) The WIdow!

The Widow (Emily Beecham) is my favorite character on the show! I can’t wait to see what The Widow does now that Quinn (Marton Csokas) is no longer in charge. Always ambitious, she’s going to want more territory as she sees the bigger picture. Plus she’s got the whole “bad girl in leather” look down pat!

2) An Extended Third Season!

The first season was 6 episodes, then second season was 10 episodes. AMC renewed their martial arts drama with an expanded 16-episode for its third season.I just don’t want the show to lose its steam!

1) The Action!

If you love kung-fu movies and just disappointed as hell with what was done with Iron Fist, then you’re going to love Into the Badlands!

Season 3 of Into the Badlands premieres Sunday April 22nd, 2018 at 10pm on AMC.

By Jorge Solis