Nightmare Gallery Trailer, Nightmare Gallery Poster, Amber Benson

(Courtesy of Seraph Films & AWOL Studios)

Seraph Films, along with co-production company AWOL Studios, has released the frightening and bone-chilling poster for their upcoming horror movie, The Nightmare Gallery, starring Amber Benson. We can’t wait to find out what unspeakable truth will be revealed from the nightmare-inducing artwork.

According to SlashFilm, an anthropology professor (Benson) investigates the sudden, suspicious disappearance of her star pupil. A mysterious collection of occult artifacts leads her on a nightmarish, Da Vinci Code-esque journey toward an unspeakable truth that will threaten her career, her marriage, and her sanity.

Here are 5 reasons why we love the poster for The Nightmare Gallery :

5) The Poster Creeps Me Out!

This poster is going to give me nightmares and as a horror junkie aka nerd, I love it! Is that a hand coming out of her face!? I’m also digging the tag line! “When you search for the truth, the greatest horror is finding it!”

4) It’s So Artistic!

The key art was designed by MOT Creative. The independent boutique design agency has definitely created an eye-catching and attention-grabbing illustration. As a horror fan, the key art campaign tells me everything I want to know about this movie!

3) Amber Benson!

Anybody else out there a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!?! Of course you are! I loved Amber Benson’s memorable performance as Tara, the love of Willow’s life, in the Joss Whedon drama. I also have a bunch of Benson’s books, including Death’s Daughter, in my collection.

2) Cerebral Horror!

Director Gene Blalock, founder of Seraph Films, describes the theme behind the poster, “I’m so excited about the poster, as it really feels like it captures the film’s balance between cerebral horror and dramatic, emotional torment.”

1) The Cast!

Joining Benson in the cast are actor Kevin Chamberlin (Road to Perdition) and Mat Devine, the former front man of the rock band, Kill Hannah. Chamberlin co-stars as a psychiatrist who assists in the professor’s investigation.

Currently in post-production, the trailer for The Nightmare Gallery is coming soon.

By Jorge Solis