Maki, Naghmeh Shirkhan

Making its debut at Chelsea Film Festival 2018, Maki, starring Naomi Sundberg and Julian Cihi, delivers an ambitious exploration of gender dynamics and power play with twisted intensity. Audiences will find themselves riveted by writer/director Naghmeh Shirkhan’s coming-of-age love story with a dark twist.

Set in the heart of New York City, Maki (Naomi Sundberg) and Tommy (Julian Cihi) can no longer conceal their hidden affair once they learn she’s pregnant with his child. Their charismatic and persuasive boss, Mika (Mieko Harada) steps in and takes control. The story unsettles as it unfolds, revealing each character’s true intent.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Maki:

5) Naomi Sundberg!

New Trailer from Naghmeh Shirkhan on Vimeo.

As Maki, Naomi Sundberg presents an innocent, yet naive, character who dives into the seedy underworld of greed, lust, and power. Sundberg expresses a vulnerability to viewers in her engaging performance. Is Maki supposed to become as aggressive as the world around her?

4) Mieko Harada!

I loved Mieko Harada in her adversarial role as Mika, who challenges everything Maki believes in. Harada has such a charismatic vibe that sneaks into her manipulative persona. Mika represents what happens when empowerment becomes corrupted by its own need for strength.

3) The Themes!

Maki, Naghmeh Shirkhan

I really believe the overarching theme of Shirkhan’s film will strike a chord with audiences. What’s original about the overall message is how females are taken advantage of by females in positions of power.

2) A New York Movie!

Filmed in New York City and the Hudson Valley, the themes of the narrative strike out in the setting. The Big Apple represents human nature’s need for a sense of belonging. The past and present are at war within the Japanese subculture.

1) A Bold Feature!

With superb performances from its sold cast, Maki radiates a larger vision that snaps into focus by the end. With such immensely fascinating material, viewers will find themselves immersed by the darkly themes.

Maki will be screening at CHELSEA FILM FESTIVAL this Friday, October 19th at 9 pm  (AMC Loews, 34th street).

By Jorge Solis

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