Mayans MC Premiere Date, FX

(Courtesy of FX)

FX has announced the highly anticipated premiere date for Mayans M.C., the next chapter in the critically acclaimed Sons of Anarchy saga. Like the song says, creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James are getting their motor running as they head out onto the highway!

Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes ( JD Pardo) is fresh out of prison and a prospect in the Mayans M.C. charter on the Cali/Mexi border. Now, EZ must carve out his new identity in a town where he was once the golden boy with the American Dream in his grasp.

Here are 5 reasons we can’t wait to see Mayans M.C.:

5) The Ensemble Cast!

Pardo joins Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, Danny Pino, Emilio Rivera, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, Vincent Rocco Vargas, Maurice Compte, Gino Vento, Tony Plana and Ada Maris.

4) Sons of Anarchy!

The concept for the FX drama came about between seasons 3 and 4 of Sons of Anaarchy. The idea was revisited once more after the series ended. Sutter finally had the time to work on the project after his short-lived medieval drama, The Bastard Executioner, finished its first and only season.

3) Not A Xerox Copy!

According to Deadline, the Sisters of Sorrow writer told the crowd at the ATX festival, “My job is to transition the mythology from Sons and honor that. We want to acknowledge where we came from and those fans and balance that with a show that’s original and different and doesn’t feel like a Latino version of Sons of Anarchy.“

2) The Social Issues!

Back in the day, Sons of Anarchy took on issues such as school shootings and gun control. I’m interested in seeing Sutter’s social commentary on the 45th Presidents’s racist and offensive immigration policies.

1) Nerd Prom!

Mayans M.C. will make its  San Diego Comic-Con debut July 22nd 2018. Scheduled at the Hall H panel are Sutter, co-creator Elgin James, Pardo and others from the cast. Hopefully, the audience will get to see some footage or the pilot will be screened.

Mayans M.C. will premiere on September 4th, 2018 on FX.

By Jorge Solis