Jimmy Palmiotti, Painkiller Jane, Trust The Universe

Under the PaperFilms banner, the Kickstarter campaign promises a must-have limited edition of the highly anticipated Painkiller Jane: Trust The Universe. After a television series and a movie on the way, Painkiller Jane returns with a boatload of pinups, a new story, and unseen art totaling over 80 pages of goodies!

Painkiller Jane is a street level, crime fighting badass that has gained the power to heal from her wounds. Jane throws herself into her work, literally, fighting crime in the streets of New York. Her origin was a simple one. Her and her partner/best friend Maureen Fernandez get pulled into an undercover operation that lands Jane in a coma and after a few years, her body heals and when she wakes, the world around her has changed. Her partner has become a Detective for the NYPD and Jane becomes her lethal weapon, taking out the bad guys and not worrying about breaking laws in the process. 

Here are 5 reasons to support Painkiller Jane Original Graphic Novel Hardcover on Kickstarter:

5) New Painkiller Jane Story!

Get ready for a BRAND NEW 44 page Painkiller Jane story! The story will be written by the award winning Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Gt ready for the art of Juan Santacruz with colors by Dan Kemp and design and lettering by John J. Hill. 

4) The Monolith!

Featured in this book, Jane teams up with the monster that patrols the streets at night, The Monolith.Together they will investigate a chain of missing children that leads them to a multi-state  human trafficking ring. The Monolith was a character that Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti created for DC Comics years ago. This is the first time readers will have seen the character since the series ended way back when. 

3) Pinup Gallery!

There will be past covers and some new original pieces by Amanda Conner, Rick Leonard, and Mike Avon Oeming and more!  And a 22 page reprint story written by Jimmy Palmiotti, featuring art by Steve Mannion and Paul Mounts  called “Monster.” This mature story features nudity and foul language!

2) So Much Goodies!

With 66 pages of story plus a boatload of pinups, covers and unseen art totaling over 80 pages of Painkiller Jane goodness!

1) Check Out The Kickstarter Video!

Readers can support Painkiller Jane Original Graphic Novel Hardcover here:

By Jorge Solis