Psi-Lords #1, Valiant Entertainment

Packed with action and humor, Psi-Lords #1 (Valiant Entertainment) delivers an instantly exciting and thrilling intergalactic prison break adventure. The first installment does a fantastic job of introducing its super-powered protagonists in a pulse-pounding chase.

Who are the cosmic beings known only as the Psi-Lords? And how will they change the course of the Universe in this brand-new ongoing series?

Here are 5 reasons to get Psi-Lords #1:

5) The Team!

Psi-Lords #1, Valiant
Psi-Lords #1

According to Syfy Wire, meet for the first time Artisan, Beacon, Hazard, and Tank. These character designs were rendered by concept artist Jonathan Arthur Ashley. Their colorful suits look like a cross between armor and astronaut suits. 

4) The Writing! 

Psi-Lords #1, Valiant
Psi-Lords #1

Writer Fred Van Lente introduces a team of amnesiacs locked up in an otherworldly prison. None of them any memory of how they got there; nor do they appear to trust each other. Adding tons of witty one-liners, Van Lente does a fantastic job individualizing each personality during the fast-paced prison escape. The lettering does a phenomenal job capturing the nonstop on-the-run speak.

3) The Artwork! 

Psi-Lords #1, Valiant
Psi-Lords #1

Artist Renato Guedes does a great job capturing the diversity of the lost crew. The space prison has so much detail, from its cells to its guards. My favorite image from the first installment comes up when Artisan, Beacon, Hazard, and Tank pose together as a team!

2) The Colors!

Psi-Lords #1, Valiant
Psi-Lords #1

Artisan, Beacon, Hazard, and Tank have their own specific color tied to their suit. The different colors makes sense to differentiate one character from the other. The color of the suit is also connected to the superpower.  

1) A Fun Read!

If you love sci-fi, Psi-Lords #1 combines space opera, prison break, and action in genuinely clever ways. With an exciting premise and interesting characters, I can’t wait to read the next issue of Psi-Lords!



Four emojis out of four

Psi-Lords #1 arrives in stores on June 19th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis