5 Reasons We Love Ruby Rose’s Batwoman In ‘Elseworlds!’

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The CW Network provided an action-packed appearance of Ruby Rose as Batwoman in the Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds. The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow met the DC Comics heroine, along with other special guests, in their upcoming crossover event.

When Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) wake up, the duo realize they have swapped bodies with each other. The two set off to find out what disturbed the timeline to cause such a shift. After Barry and Oliver realize they need Supergirl (star Melissa Benoist)’s help, their mission sends them towards Gotham City.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Here are 5 reasons why we loved Batwoman in Elseworlds:

5) Ruby Rose!

First off, let’s praise Ruby Rose for nailing the look and performance of Kate Kate in a limited screen time. Kate needed to be flirty and smooth, especially when Ruby’s Kane met with Benoist’s Supergirl. Even after kicking butt, Batwoman doesn’t appreciate unwanted guests visiting her city.

4) The Backdoor Pilot!

You could argue that the crossover event also served as a backdoor pilot for a Batwoman series. Writer Caroline Dries and Marc Guggenheim incorporated elements from the comic and adapted the caped crusader to modern times. The social/economic commentary can been seen as the one percenters are at a loss, as the wealthy corrupt the politics.

3) Battle For The Cowl!

The episode was a loose adaptation of Batman: Battle for the Cowl. In the plot, Batwoman joined the Network, a group of heroes that would keep order in Gotham during Batman’s absence. Borrowing aspects from the aftermath Knightfall, Bruce Wayne was gone for three years after Bane broke his back.

2) Mrs. Freeze!

Interestingly, Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) found herself in a battle with Nora Fries (Cassandra Jean Amell) and the Freeze gun. With Gotham in its final season on Fox, the big names such as Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy and Edward Nygma were dropped in the Easter Eggs. Will they be showing up again in the Batwoman series?

1) The Music!

Not only does composer Blake Neely come up with the music for Arrow, Blindspot, and Riverdale, he also put together Batwoman’s theme! I loved listening the music when Kate (Rose) walked into the Batcave and stared at her costume.

Elseworlds can be seen on the CW app or On Demand.  

By Jorge Solis

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