Abbott #1, BOOM! Studios

(Courtesy of BOOM! Studios)

An effective thriller, Abbott #1 (BOOM! Studios) manages to cleverly mix the historical, the racial undertones of society, with behind-the-scenes drama of a newsroom. Right off the bat, Abbot delivers an impressive debut for a series that contains interesting characters.

One woman’s search for the truth destroyed her family. Hard-nosed, chain-smoking tabloid reporter, Elena Abbott, investigates a series of grisly crimes that the police have ignored. These are crimes she knows to be the work of dark occult forces. There are forces out there that took her husband from her; forces she has to destroy.

5) Throne of the Crescent Moon!

The Throne of the Crescent Moon author, Saladin Ahmed, blends different genres in the first installment. The Abbott writer brings to life his character, Elena Abbott, while presenting her with many strengths and flaws. Notice how the dialogue flows in rhythm, as if Ahmed is using his poetry techniques.

4) The Slow Dread Of Terror!

Abbott may be historical fiction, with the ‘70s setting, but Detroit is still dealing with racial tensions. The newsroom may be technologically different now but Elena has to deal with misogyny in the workplace. The narrative builds the suspense with the slow dread of inevitable terror.

3) The Artwork!

I loved Sami Kivelä’s artwork in Beautiful Canvas, so I was very excited to to check out his latest work. Kivela captures the seventies with the wardrobe and hairstyles. The backdrop of Detroit is illustrated with such shadowy detail in the backgrounds.

2) The Colors!

Colorist Jason Wordie definitely makes Elena stand out with the blue and red tones of her clothing. Notice how the scares are brightened with a purplish splash. The poppy colors have a way of highlighting the time period.

1) A Clever Read!

A smart and clever read, Abbott #1 brings readers to the past in a suspenseful tale. I’m really excited to get my hands on the second issue!




Abbott #1 arrives in stores on January 24th, 2018.

– By Jorge Solis

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