Musical genius Labrinth has announced that the official release date for his hypnotizing score from the second season of HBO’s hit show, Euphoria. The 24-track LP from Columbia and the show’s producer/composer includes the mesmerizing instrumental tracks and other fan-favorite songs. 

Check out the tracklist below: 

1. Labrinth — “The Angels”
2. Labrinth — “I’m Tired (Long Version)”
3. Labrinth — “ICE (We Should Do Drugs)”
4. Labrinth — “See You Assholes Later”
5. Labrinth — “She Certainly Looks The Part”
6. Labrinth — “Dracula (Nate Sees Cassie)”
7. Labrinth — “Skeletons (Lexi Needed A Break)”
8. Labrinth — “Putting Everything Away”
9. Labrinth and Angus Cloud — “Fez’s Interlude”
10. Labrinth — “El Weirdo (I Relapsed)”
11. Labrinth — “This Is Life”
12. Labrinth — “Every Second Counts”
13. Labrinth — “Truth Or Dare”
14. Labrinth — “Washing Off The Blood”
15. Dominic Fike, Zendaya, and Labrinth — “Elliot’s Song”
16. Labrinth — “I Don’t Know If I’m A Good Person”
17. Labrinth — “Love Is Complicated (The Angels Sing)”
18. Labrinth — “Fun At The Alley”
19. Labrinth — “Sidekicks Are Smarter”
20. Labrinth — “Pros & Cons”
21. Labrinth — “At Least I’m Loved”
22. Labrinth and Zendaya — “Rue’s I’m Tired”

Here are 5 reasons why you should get the official score from Euphoria’s second season:


When he said 22 tracks, he meant it! I mean if you loved the music from the first season, you’re not going to miss out on this deal! That’s my two cents.


Labrinth tweeted, “Euphoria Season 2 Score coming April 22nd. This one is so much more than a score album to me. It’s an experience.”

He continued: “Can’t wait for you all to hear it and go on the trip.”


The British singer added: “I heard your requests loud and clear and included my version and Z [Zendaya]’s version of I’m Tired. 

“I have Angus doing vocals on a song.  You’re getting Skeletons and all the others you wanted.”


Labrinth concluded: “I want to thank all of you for making this music come alive much more than I could ever imagine. 

“You make the work I put into creating even more worth the love and the grind. This is a big part of how I make music now all because of you.”


For interested music lovers, the must-have box set comes with a dark grey unisex T-shirt and the CD of the Official Score from the hit show’s sophomore season. 

Readers can find out more and preorder here:

By Jorge Solis