Everfrost #1, Everfrost

A smart and exciting introduction, Everfrost #1 (Black Mask Studios) presents an engaging sci-fi adventure into a perilous dystopian future. With an interesting premise, Everfrost has the potential to be a worthwhile series. 

Plot: “All scientist-warrior Van Louise wanted was to retire and get off-planet as her society collapsed, but she’s unearthed a mystery involving the death of her son… and she can’t leave without discovering the truth first–even as war brews in her violent and fantastical world.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Everfrost #1:

5) The Chaos Of Futuristic Technology!

Writer Ryan K. Lindsay recently told Black Mask Studios, “This story came to me as a vision of a scientist walking through the snow and she’s carrying a big sword and even bigger loss in her heart. As I unpacked what makes Van, our leading character, tick, I discovered a world of heartbreak and inequality amidst the chaos of futuristic technology replacing ethics and strange creatures living among what’s become of humanity.”

4) The Writing!

What makes this icy dystopian future interesting is Lindsay’s social commentary about climate change and immigration. Lindsay also does a great job with his world-building as the captions map out the unexplored frozen territory. Jim Campbell’s lettering highlights the quirky and witty banter between Van and her talking monkey, who also serves as her moral compass.

3) The Artwork! 

When it comes to the otherworldly designs, artist Sami Kivela grounds the alien-like creatures with reality. In the opening pages, the two creatures on the warpath resemble dinosaurs on the attack. With Kivela’s illustrations, there’s something surreal about a giant skull sitting in the middle of a snowy mountain.

2) The Colors!

The colors by Lauren Affe heighten the tones of the frozen landscape. Readers will feel the bleak coldness thanks to the white hues. Notice how the warmer colors capture a dreamlike mood in Van’s flashbacks. 

1) A Spectacular Start!

Readers will be instantly hooked with Everfrost #1! I cannot wait to see what happens in the following issue. 

Readers have until April 18th, 2021 for preorders. Everfrost #1 arrives in stores on June 02, 2020. 

By Jorge Solis