Field Tripping #1, ComiXology

Wrapped in potential, Field Tripping #1 (ComiXology Originals) is a surreal coming-of-age adventure full of nostalgia and sentiment. An energetic first installment, Field Tripping delivers so many scares, twists, and turns with its fast-paced introduction. 

What better way to learn about the seasons than traveling to a world that cycles through all of them in ONE DAY? And what better way to learn about the cycle of life than to get attacked by man-eating plants? Actually, there are MUCH better ways. But Mrs. Flubbins’ class are about to learn that the HARD way.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Field Tripping #1:

5) So Much Heart!

The narrative quickly introduces a diverse cast of characters who fit the school setting. You have the A-student who wants to be teacher, the slacker who forges his parent’s signature, the bully, and the eccentric teacher. What was supposed to be an educational field trip turns into a nightmarish road trip. 

4) The Writing!

Writers James Asmus and Jim Festante introduce high energy characters with different personalities. When the kids and teacher attempt to return home from their field trip, their school bus takes them to different worlds. The lettering by Ryan Ferrier captures the nonstop banter by the students during their school bus ride.

3) The Artwork!

Artist José García has a vibrant character design for the teacher, Mrs. Flubbins. Still optimistic about teaching children, Mrs. Flubbins hasn’t lost her spirit due to the job. With her round hat and whistle, Mrs. Flubbins looks like a camp counselor with her perky outfit.

2) The Colors!

As the narrative unfolds, the school bus takes the kids to different worlds. Each individual world gets a different color scheme so that the reader can tell them apart. The jungle settling is full of green shades and the doomed world is painted in pink tones.

1) A Vibrant Read!  

A vibrant read, Field Tripping #1 captures the high energy of youth before spinning into a darker tale. I look forward to the next issue. 

Field Tripping #1 is out in stores now.

By Jorge Solis

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