Ghoster, Thom Burgess

An effective supernatural thriller, Ghoster works perfectly as a dark character study with brooding and claustrophobic atmosphere. Using the haunted house genre as a guiding point, Ghoster does a fantastic job explaining its own universe to readers. 

At the age of 21, James suddenly inherits the mantle of “Ghoster of the Realm” from his recently deceased grandfather. After accepting the mantle, James discovers a terrifying world of murderous specters. They are intent on unleashing their rage on the blood-stained shores of the British Isles.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Ghoster:

5) The Writing!

Creators Thom Burgess and Toby Meakins have done a great job portraying James Tallier as the underdog protagonist. A metaphor for the first day on the job, James is learning what it means to be ghoster while facing the inside scares of a haunted house. The lettering by Burgess emphasizes the world-building, as words and phrases refer to a hidden society.

4) The Artwork!

The atmospheric artwork by Joe Becci captures the grittiness of the streets and rough edges of the neighborhood. Notice how emotions and uneasiness are personified as characters stand in the pouring rain. James’ helmet has a specific wavy design and his armor resembles a leather jacket. 

3) The Color!   

Notice how the rain washes away all of the primary colors. When James enters the haunted house, the pages are drenched solely in gray tones. Heightening the suspense, the red tones pop out when the clock starts ticking down. 

2) A Bigger Story!

The last few pages serve as a glossary to specific words and weapons. This is a bigger world that comes with a lot of history.

1) An Exciting Premise!

Ghoster really digs into its story, exploring its main protagonist and underground society.  Rich in visuals, the illustrations even present the haunted house itself as a central character

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By Jorge Solis