5 Reasons To Get ‘Johnny Gruesome’ DVD!

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Uncork’d Entertainment delivers the revenge-fueled supernatural thriller, Johnny Gruesome, starring Anthony De La Torre and Byron Brown II, onto DVD. Check out the bonus extras and watch how writer/director Gregory Lamberson (Slime City) cleverly twists and turns a coming-age tale into a gritty zombie movie.  

As we previously mentioned, high school students Eric Carter (Byron Brown II) and Johnny Grissom (Anthony De La Torre) are best friends. Johnny is a heavy metal rebel nicknamed “Johnny Gruesome” by his classmates. When Johnny is murdered while on a drunken joyride, his killer persuades Eric and Johnny’s girlfriend to help him make the murder look like an accidental death. Johnny returns from the grave as a murderous, wisecracking zombie hell bent on revenge.

Here are 5 reasons you have to get Johnny Gruesome DVD:

5) Aprilann!

The “Crown and the Girls” singer, Aprilann, does a great job portraying Johnny’s traumatized girlfriend, Karen Slatter. Through Karen, Aprilann has a rise and fall arc that subtly plays out throughout the narrative. Aprilann is definitely worth watching in this movie and I cannot wait to see what she does next!

4) Dyin Tonight!

Robby Takac, of Goo Goo Dolls fame, delivers the track, ”Dyin’ Tonight,” for the movie.  Takac co-wrote the original song with Armand John Petri and Joe Rozler. 

3) Gruesome!

Those prosthetic and makeup effects are…wait for it…really gruesome! Oh see what I did there! When covered in eye-grabbing make-up, those effects standout thanks to Anthony De La Torre, who is a fantastic performer as he unleashes Johnny’s unbridled rage. 

2) Get The Book Too!

With the novel in my book collection, I’m one of those literary enthusiasts that has to compare the movie to the book. I wanted to know how writer-turned-director Gregory Lamberson would adapt his own source material. In the end, Johnny Gruesome is done with tremendous style and care! 

1) The Special Features!

Audio Commentary, Cast Interviews, Making Of, Makeup Featurette

Johnny Gruesome arrives on DVD January 1st, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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