The Misplaced #1, Source Point Press

A visually wondrous and stunning concept, The Misplaced #1 (Source Point Press) explores the meaning of soulmates through a lush and beautiful artistic style. Only in the afterlife can someone discover the true meaning of love, death, and the limitations of Paradise.

After a fatal shipwreck, James finds himself dissatisfied with the tedious machinations of the afterlife. Even worse, his wife Anna is nowhere to be found. Will James leave eternal paradise to find her? 

5) The Concept!

The Misplaced #1

In a breathtakingly surreal tale about the afterlife, The Misplaced strives to be as epic as the classic poem, Divine Comedy. In order to explore such thought-provoking topics, you really have to be creative and imaginative. I am in awe and impressed with how the narrative manages to incorporate seamlessly the techniques of photo collage, digital painting, 3D models, and traditional painting.

4) The Writing!

Writer/artist Chris Callahan plays around with first-person narration while displaying images within images. Without his wife, James has turned Paradise into his own personal Hellscape. With his happiness dependent on his wife, James holds onto his blind faith as he struggles to find meaning without Anna. The lettering highlights the rhythmic speech patterns and the lyrical structure.

3) The Artwork!

Callahan’s artwork is interpretive and unbelievably expressive. In the opening pages, the Grim Reaper is wearing a black wedding dress, because…why the hell not? With the vastness of space and an endless field of stars behind him, James walks down the stairway of Heaven in search of hope. 

2) The Colors!

Notice how the wings of the Angel are glowing white. As the shadows cover half his body, James’s character design is made up of yellow and white tones. Because the pages feel gold-toned, the primary colors, such as green and red, stand out in certain panels.

1) A Expressionist Read!

The Misplaced #1

Every awe-inspiring page of The Misplaced #1 is a true delight to the eyes. Because The Misplaced is a visual blast, I can’t wait for the next issue!

The Misplaced #1 arrives stores on November 20th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis