The Beauty of Horror 5, Haunt of Fame

The Beauty of Horror 5: Haunt of Fame (IDW Publishing) pays a twisted tribute to the pop culture greats, such as The Godfather of Soul James Brown to The Fab Four, also known as The Beatles. This new edition from the coloring book series by Alan Robert has a mischievously fun collection of images to behold. 

“Everybody who was anybody is here! From The Godfather of Soul to The Fab Four to many members of the 27 Club, icons from across the entertainment arts are resurrected in all their ghastly glory! Ghouliana and her undead friends pay tribute to their favorite celebrities in their very own Haunt of Fame, featuring Harry Houdini, Edgar Allan Poe, Einstein, Marilyn, and more!”

Here are five reasons why you should get The Beauty of Horror 5: Haunt of Fame:

5) The Alex Trebek Tribute!

Like many Jeopardy! fans out there, I was saddened by the sad news of Alex Trebek’s death. In an interview with Freeman Promotions, the Life of Agony bassist explains why he has a page in Haunt of Fame dedicated to the Jeopardy! host, “As a kid, my Dad watched Jeopardy religiously. Seeing Alex Trebek on our television every night was a big part of my life growing up. And with this latest coloring book, I wanted to tap into that very personal nostalgia.”

4) The Action Figure!

According to the outlet, Robert has teamed up with top toy manufacturer NECA. The very first Beauty of Horror action figure will be released as part of NECA’s Toony Terrors line. Ghouliana, the 5” articulated figure, will be wearing her signature bat-wing dress

3) It’s A Big Deal!

Robert added: “To see Ghouliana smiling her piranha-like grin alongside gruesome greats like The Nun, Scream’s Ghost Face, and Michael Myers is a huge honor for me.”

2) The Colors!

Colorists will have more than 80 pages of detailed, hand-drawn designs, There are also easter eggs hidden throughout the fifth installment. Make sure to spot them all! Plus is that an undead David Bowie!?!

1) Art Therapy!

What’s great about coloring this Haunt of Fame edition is that it can be fun, twisted, and cathartic at the same time. Find the “happy little accidents” like Bob Ross used to say. 

The Beauty of Horror 5: Haunt of Fame is now available for purchase

By Jorge Solis

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