5 Reasons To Read 'Rise' #1 (Heavy Metal Elements)!, Rise

With a steady suspenseful beat, The Rise #1 (Heavy Metal Elements) engages with thought-provoking questions about morality and cringe-inducing scares. The apocalyptic vision from George A. Romero’s horror classic, Night of The Living Dead, revisits its early grounds in a spine-chilling prologue.

“It’s the story before the worst night on Earth. Learn about the death, destruction, and tragedy that led to the birth of the modern zombie in this prequel horror saga to the most significant and influential horror film franchise in history!”

Here are 5 reasons why you should read The Rise #1:

5) Two Legacies in One!

With a partnership between Heavy Metal and Night of the Living Dead, George C. Romero, the son of the Dawn of the Dead filmmaker, told Syfy Wire that “this is two legacy brands with the same love, respect, and passion for these stories moving forward together.”

4) The Writing!

As a fan of his work in Staunton Hill, George C. Romero writes as if he is visualizing a performance for readers. Romero impressively shows ways that Dr. Ryan Cartwright is wrestling with his thoughts of infidelity and narcissism; instead of telling us that Ryan’s playing God. Letterer Saida Temofonte uses quotations and italics to emphasize the horror of science gone wrong. 

3) The Artwork!

From government offices to the jungles of Haiti, artist Diego Yapur does a fantastic job illustrating the international scope. The illustrations feel very Mad Men-ish as Yapur does wonders capturing the suits and hairstyles of the ‘60s time period. Yapur goes hard with his imagery when the panels strike for horror. 

2) The Colors!

I love how colorist DC Alonso uses red in between the black and grey hues. The red tones add to the texture of the femme fatale’s dress. Notice how the backgrounds pop out of the panels when they’re painted in red.

1) A Chilling Read!  

The Rise #1 does a spectacular job introducing characters and setting up the somber mood. The emotional core of scientists and bureaucrats breaking bad will stick with you.

Rise #1 arrives in stores on April 7th, 2021. 

By Jorge Solis