Doomsday Stories, credits

An exciting new Indiegogo campaign has been set up for the upcoming apocalyptic thriller, Doomsday Stories. Support independent filmmaking and find out what happens in the aftermath of Hell on Earth : Arena of Death.

THE PLOT: “One man Zorack survived this Hell on Earth. He was neither good or bad but in this society who can judge. He did what he could to survive. Now 30 years later after the great risen of Uglog and Balrog he lives the simple life hidden away. The meanies died out and very few live to cause any problems.”

“Zorack over the years has hidden from what is left of society. He would like to share stories from the old world….this is Doomsday Stories.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should support Doomsday Stories:

5) What Are The Meanies?!?

 In 2025, a final strain called “Meanies” has pretty much wiped out mankind. Only 8,000 people worldwide survived. Meanies was supposed to be a man-made virus meant to help cure people, but instead it created mutants and savages that have outnumbered humans.

4) Ready To Start Shooting!

Doomsday Stories is expected be shot this summer. The cast and production crew need money to edit, shoot, cast, equipment and manufacture the DVD. There are other numerous expenses involved in making a movie.

3) No Amateurs!

Phil Herman and executive producer Joel D. Wynkoop have been making movies for over three decades. They know their classics and have targeted a dependable release schedule. They are planning to shoot during the summer and expect the movie to be released by late 2022 or early 2023.

2) The Perks!

Get a special thank you from the cast and crew! Get one of the wigs as a prop for yourself. Get the DVD of Doomsday Stories or get one of the movie’s mugs. You can even earn the title of Executive Producer or Associate Producer if you pledge here.

1) Help Me Help You!

There’s nothing wrong with supporting filmmakers who want to continue to delight audiences worldwide.

Readers can support the indiegogo campaign here: