Twin Peaks Return Marathon, Showtime

(Courtesy of Showtime)

Because the second time changed television all over again, Showtime will hold a special uninterrupted marathon of Twin Peaks: The Return, starring Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern. Relive all 18 episodes as old friends and new faces make their way in the continuation of David Lynch’s critically acclaimed ABC series.

As we previously mentioned, FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) traveled to the small logging town of Twin Peaks. In a town where everyone is hiding a secret, Cooper attempted to solve the murder of seemingly innocent high schooler Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). In the second season finale, Cooper found himself sinking deep into the supernatural mysteries of Twin Peaks, possessed by the demonic killer known as Bob.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch all 18 episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return:

5) All The WTFs?!?

According to Deadline, the limited series is part of an Emmy For Your Consideration marathon. Airing on June 2nd, the uninterrupted run will begin at 4:35 AM ET/PT and end at 10 PM PT/ET on Showtime 2. Kyle MacLachlan should definitely be Emmy nominated because he played four different roles, from Evil Dale to Dougie to Dale Cooper to Whatever The Hell That Cooper Was in the season finale.

4) The Birth of Bob?

Part 8 is the episode where you have to make your own interpretation. After the Nine Inch Nails performance at The Roadhouse. Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost dived into the origin story of The Black Lodge. I think the atom bomb gave birth to Bob and tore the walls down, bringing entities from the Black Lodge into our dimension. Everything else is just speculation!

3) Diane!

I really don’t know if she deserved it or not, but let’s say she did! I actually cheered when Diane (Laura Dern) cursed out FBI agent Tammy (Chrysta Bell). Deserving of an Emmy nomination too, Dern is just simply amazing to watch in her powerhouse performance!

2) The Music!

Enjoy the musical performances of Eddie Vedder, Chromatics, Au Revoir Simone, and The Veils as each episode wraps up. Watch James Hurley (James Marshall) perform “Just You” to a packed crowd at The Roadhouse. James sings that tear-jerking love song he wrote for Laura Palmer.

1) What Year Is It!?!

Maybe I’ll understand the ending this time around. Does Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) remember?!? Did Dale Cooper change the timeline?!? Answer me!

Twin Peaks: The Return uninterrupted marathon will begin on June 2nd at 4:35 AM ET/PT and end at 10 PM PT/ET on Showtime 2.

By Jorge Solis