Vengeance, Nevada #1, Earth's Temporary Solution

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A trippy sci-fi thriller, Vengeance, Nevada #1 (Earth’s Temporary Solution) cleverly steers in different directions, keeping readers guessing right till the very last page. All will certainly be judged if comic book fans do not get their hands on the first installment right away.

According to the synopsis, as the old wise saying goes, you should be careful with what you wish for. It looks like Kristen when she opens the door and enters the room. But that’s not really Kristen that everyone else knows and loves. How can you tell? Because Kristen is actually having an existential conversation with a talking cat with glowing eyes…

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Vengeance, Nevada #1:

5) The Writing!

Writer B.J. Mendelson takes readers on a twisted narrative that delivers on the plot twists. Just when I thought I had the narrative down. Mendelson takes the story to another level. The author of Social Media Is Bullsh*t delivers snappy one-liners in the chatty conversations.

4) Kristen!

Poor Kristen…her head is wrapped around the past, present, and future. She could be her own worst enemy if she had split personalities. Kristen could either be a loving mother, a crazy chick with a gun, or a priestess with a magical blade.

3) The Artwork!

I  definitely love the cover art by Isidore Koliavras, who captures a silhouette of Kristen drenched in blood. Not only are the black and white illustrations so lively, artist Peter Czaplarski stands out with the bouncy lettering. Notice how the lettering is different between dialogue, lyrics, and poetry.  

2) Check Out Behind-The-Scenes Stuff!

Vengeance, Nevada #1, ComiXology
Courtesy of B.J. Mendelson

1) A Great Intro!

Vengeance, Nevada #1 delivers a tense and  freaky sci-fi tale. A great introduction, this is a puzzle-filled ride with quick pacing.



Three out of Four Emojis

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– By Jorge Solis