dark wing #3, heavy metal

Dark Wing #3 (Heavy Metal Elements) delivers a character-driven installment and introduces a terrifying big bad to boot! For sci-fi fans like myself, we have a thrilling space adventure that also adds depth to its main characters

“We learn about CELL- Collective Experiential Living Life-form is the planetary collective intelligence; basically like a touch less internet that you can constantly access in your head just by thinking about something, connecting you to the entire world’s knowledge whenever you need it. It’s also used to help everyone make the most logical decisions possible, for the best outcome for the most amount of people, while being guided by your heart is also encouraged and actually assisted by not having to second-guess if your heart is affecting your thinking).”

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Dark Wing #3:

5) The Characters!

Ben, the captain of the ship, and Pon, the mechanic, are having an affair! Is it meant to be romantic? Or is it a sexy fling? What’s great about his installment is how the narrative explores the emotional complexities and tensions behind relationships.

4) The Writing!

With the opening pages, writer Matthew Medney is able to say so much about relationships and emotions without a single word of dialogue. Interestingly, when Cell appears as itself, the dialogue sounds cold and robotic. This makes sense within the story because Cell represents artificial intelligence.  And later on, when Cell wants to interact with other humans, Medney makes a clever switch and sparks up the dialogue.

3) The Art!

Sorry if this is spoiler territory but this sex scene is awesome. Artist German Ponce does a fantastic job expressing emotions when the main characters, Ben and Pon, are naked. Notice how honest and expressive they are when these two have no clothes on. And then, when they’re wearing their clothes, notice how Ponce depicts them visually as emotionally distant. 

2) The Colors!

The colors by Protobunker Studios add so much deepness to the character designs. The pink tones of Pon’s hair really stand out in the pages. In its holographic form, Cell is a mix of bluish and white shades.  

1) An Exciting Read!

There’s no denying that Dark Wing has gotten better and better! I love how this sci-fi series is able to invest itself in characters and have fun with the genre itself.

Dark Wing #3 arrives in February 2021.

By Jorge Solis