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After receiving more than 1,1000 submissions, DC Universe has announced the top three finalists of the fan contest, DCYou Unscripted. In the next stage, three pilots are scheduled to air exclusively on DC Universe during Spring 2020, but only one will receive a fill series order.  

As we previously mentioned, the three finalists had to pitch their amazing ideas in a special two-part episode. The project, in conjunction with Ideas United, received over 1,100 submissions since it was first announced at the recent New York Comic Con.

5) The Competition 

The 10 finalists traveled to DC’s headquarters in Burbank to meet with industry veterans to help refine their pitch concepts. The mentors assisting the finalists happen to be Dan Evans, Vice President, Creative Affairs and Creative Services, DC, Bridgette Theriault, Senior Vice President, Development, Tele-pictures and Phil Jimenez, DC Writer and Artist. The contestants  then had to pitch to DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, DC Publisher Dan DiDio and Stage 13 Senior Vice President and General Manager Diana Mogollon. To be honest, I would have gone cray cray in the middle of all this.

4) Finalist #1!

Molly Brady (Los Angeles)

Three cosplayers will show off their craft and creativity as they compete for honor, glory, cash and prizes.

3) Finalist #2!

Royce Miller (Bridgewater, SD)

Eight teams take on roles as hench persons to Gotham’s most notorious Rogues. Their goal? To escape the dreaded Blackgate Penitentiary and its new Warden. With enough mazes, puzzles, and traps to impress even the Riddler.

2) Finalist #3!

Elora Powell (Tigard, OR) 

Comic book fans travel to beloved comic book stores in local neighborhoods to investigate how these shops provide inclusive, fun communities for geeks in real life.

1) What’s Next!?! 

The three pitch ideas highlight elements of comic fandom such as cosplaying, the joy of local comic book shops and a thrilling escape-themed game show. Each of the three pitches will receive a pilot order to be produced by and air on DC Universe. The winner will then be announced later this year. 

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By Jorge Solis