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Gravitas Ventures presents the hilariously raunchy and lighthearted buddy comedy, Appiness, starring Eli Batalion and Varun Saranga. Writer/director Eli Batalion dives into cheerful immaturity in this quirky take on adulthood and the tech industry. 

When Eric Newman (Ei Batalion), a shy corporate professional on the cusp of his 30’s, gets laid off out of the blue, a chance meeting with long-lost techie buddy Raj Patel (Varun Saranga) leads to scheming on startup billionaire dreams. With the help of a grassroots team led by the multi-talented Jeanine Genet (Amber Goldfarb), Eric and Raj may just be on the road to riches, freedom and finding their true calling. But what starts off promising soon turns into a slippery slope of growing sacrifices, leading them to not just question what they should really be doing with their lives, but also, like, how long they have left to live.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Appiness:

5) Eli Batalion!


Eli Batalion adds so much charm and has an easygoing nature as the lovable loser, Eric. Eric (Batalion) is quite likable and well-meaning enough during his public moments of bad luck. Even though the world is seemingly trying nonstop to make him fail, Eric refuses to give up during his coming-of-age journey. 

4) Varun Saranga!

Varun Saranga does a hilarious job with his witty comebacks as man-child Raj, who also happens to be Eric’s only friend. Eric and Rai are such a great odd couple because Saranga gets to be a wild and carefree extrovert. A lot of the one-liners work because of the chemistry between Saranga and Batalion. 

3) Amber Goldfarb!


Amber Goldfarb builds onto the consistent laughs, thanks to her own charm and physical comedy. Because of Goldfarb’s engaging presence, Jenine’s role is integral to balancing the heart and humor of the narrative. 

2) The Direction!

Writer/director Eli Batalion throws his quirky characters into awkward and embarrassing situations, in order to bring out the most ludicrous behaviors. The narrative runs at a brisk pace thanks to an energetic ensemble cast. 

1) Quirky & Raunchy!

Appiness basks in glee as its own tribute to immaturity. Audiences are in for a fun time as the next one-liner becomes more outrageous than the one before. 

Appiness will be available to rent or own January 28th on streaming services (including Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu) and Cable VOD (including Comcast, Verizon, DirecTV, and Dish).

By Jorge Solis

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