Automation, Dread

DREAD and Hungry Monster Entertainment present the wickedly hilarious slasher/office comedy, Automation, starring Sadie Katz and Elissa Dowling. Find out what happens when a naive robot goes on a rampage after his purpose is terminated. 

A group of office workers find their lives put in peril! When the mild-mannered workplace robot flips a switch, no one is safe! Run and hide as this robot goes on a revenge spree!

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Automation:

5) Elissa Dowling!


Elissa Dowling has such a punk-ish look and a lively personality in her role as Jenny. Stuck at a dead-end job, Jenny (Dowling) needs her paycheck and has nowhere else to go. I also thought it was interesting how Dowling demonstrated sympathy towards Auto in her facial reactions. 

4) Sadie Katz!

As the dominating Susan, Sadie Katz dives into the role of an opportunity grabber and power player. In the workplace, Susan (Katz) wants to take advantage of the situation, even when the body count starts. Katz is fantastic at playing the corporate mind, who just wants results from the company decor.

3) Jim Tasker!


Jim Tasker plays the voice of Auto, the killer robot. In his impressive voicework, Tasker starts off Auto as a gullible child before becoming a twisted psycho. Interestingly, Auto only becomes vengeful because he is taught violence by the humans around him.  

2) The Direction!

Director Garo Setian does a great job capturing the office hijinks and raunchy humor before the narrative by Rolfe Kanefsky and Matthew L. Schaffer turns into a bloody slasher movie. As Linda, Sarah French nails the hilarious one-liners that poke fun at office culture. 

1) Horror & Raunchy Jokes!

Automation is an inspired mix of raunchy comedy and slasher movies. The Blu-Ray release of Automation includes separate commentaries, deleted and alternate scenes, bloopers, Behind-The-Scenes featurettes, an Interview with VO Artist Jim Tasker and bonus interviews with cast and crew!  

Automation arrives on Blu-Ray and VOD December 3rd, with a limited theatrical run kicking off November 29th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis