Harpoon, Epic Pictures

Epic Pictures presents compelling drama in a survival adventure with Harpoon, starring Emily Tyra, Christopher Gray, and Munro Chambers. With a terrific ensemble, writer/director Rob Grant manages to keep the surprising twists and shocking turns coming in like waves. 

Rivalries, dark secrets, and sexual tension emerge when three best friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean desperate for survival. With plenty of alcohol and very little food and water, emotions run high and their delusions become a reality. As the days stretch on and death seems inevitable, their terrifying truths float to the surface. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Harpoon:

5) Emily Tyra!


A tremendous force of personality, Emily Tyra breaks down her character, Sasha, layer by layer. The character arc of Sasha asks Tyra to be the loyal sweetheart, the charming femme fatale, and the clever schemer. The rising tension feels so palpable as Sasha (Tyra) learns more dark secrets between Richard (Christopher Gray) and Jonah (Munro Chambers). 

4) The Chemistry!

Christopher Gray pumps up Richard with so much energy and pent-up rage as he could snap at any minute. The underdog who refuses to be the third wheel, Jonah (Munro Chambers) is caught in the middle of a toxic couple clashing. With Tyra leading the charge, their performances nail each hard-hitting dialogue with precision. 

3) Brett Gelman!

With such an engaging voice as The Narrator, Brett Gelman lands every ironic twist with such sarcastic wit. The narration doesn’t repeat what’s going on; Gelman’s voicework comments on the scene with a sardonic smile. Gelman cuts the tension with necessary comic relief, while foreshadowing the impending doom. 

2) The Direction!

Writer/director Rob Grant has put together three relatable characters, letting the viewers watch they fall apart. The movie wouldn’t have worked if there wasn’t any chemistry with the three leads. As viewers, we sweat along with the trio as they gradually turn against each other. 

1) An Entertaining Thriller!


With four fantastic leads, Harpoon becomes a tense thriller with ironically comedic twists. The blu-ray includes director/crew commentary, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

Harpoon arrives on VOD and Blu-ray on October 8th, 2019!

By Jorge Solis