Elle LaMont Flay, Flay Trailer, Violett Beane

(Courtesy of Phame Factory)

Along with a must-see clip, Phame Factory presents the creepy tailer to  their upcoming horror fantasy, Flay, starring Elle LaMont and Violett Beane. Something evil and faceless, wearing a black suit, is lurking around in this terrifying flick. 

After the death of her mother, an estranged daughter struggles to save her brother, and those around her from a malevolent faceless spirit.

5) The Ensemble Cast!

The cast includes Elle LaMont, Violett Beane, A. Michael Baldwin. Dalton Gray, Johnny Walter, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells, Peggy Schott, Kaylee King and Noe de la Garza.

4) Violett Beane!

I am a huge fan of Violett Beane ever since she starred in The Flash as the speedster Jesse Quick! Beane also rocked with Lucy Hale in the scary Truth or Dare movie! So if you’re a God Friended Me fan like me, just seeing Beane show up as Bethany is going to make this movie awesome!

3) Phantasm!

Are you a Phantasm fan? You remember A. Michael Baldwin as Mike in Phantasm! Love that movie; it’s one of the best movies ever! I can’t wait to see what A. Michael Baldwin does here as Billy Salcedo in Flay!

2) From Dusk Till Dawn!

Elle LaMont played one of the sexiest strippers in El Rey Network’s From Dusk Till Dawn. To be honest, I prefer the TV show over the movie! During the first season, Elle LaMont was sexy, flirtatious, badass as the cuelebra Karina at the Titty Twister. If she can be all that in one scene, then I can’t wait to see her as Moon Crane in Flay!

1) The Director!

From the screenplay by Matthew Daley, director Eric Pham worked on VFX work on some of Robert Rodriguez’s best known films, including Grindhouse and Sin City. Just from the nail-biting clip we have here, I am already hooked!

Flay will be available digitally April 2nd, 2019.

By Jorge Solis