Hi-Death DVD, Hi-Death Trailer, Wild Eye Releasing

Wild Eye Releasing and Nightfall Pictures pack tons of gore and sleaze into the Hi-Death DVD, starring Kate Durocher and Fabiana Formica. Viewers will be glued to the horrifying five tales of terror written and directed by Anthony Catanese, Tim Ritter, Amanda Payton, Brad Sykes and Todd Sheets.

From the makers of Hi-8, here are five new tales  that will definitely blow your mind. Each segment takes the audience into a bizarre world of unspeakable horror. As a whole, Hi-Death manages to pull off some eye-popping scares for fans of practical effects, gore, and low-budget trash. 

Here are 5 reasons why we love Hi-Death!

5) Death Has a Conscience!


In “Death Has a Conscience,” The Grim Reaper has a sense of morality. Jensen Jacobs plays Erin, the unlucky and high strung junkie who stumbles upon Death’s path. Jacobs does a fantastic job selling the scares as she reacts to the creepy upside-down faces and Death’s skull. 

4) The Terror Tour!

Two young women take the “Terror Tour” through the underbelly of Hollywood. As Jordan and Lexie, Kristen Adams and Kate Durocher really shine in their scenes because of their natural chemistry. Adams and Durocher are  hypnotically engaging as the narrative edits around to their wraparound segment.  

3) Night Drop!


Christopher Preyer really sells the comedy as Trevor, the unfortunate employee at a dead end job. In “Night Drop,” your next movie rental may be your last. Trevor (Preyer) deals with late night shift shenanigans before watching a truly gruesome video. 

2) Cold Read!

The worst nightmare for an actress unfolds as she is forced to perform a frightening “Cold Read.” Fabiana Formica is incredibly charismatic as Julianna Morris, who goes through the ups and downs of an actor’s lifestyle. Formica really makes you feel Julianna’s transformation towards the bloody climax.   

1) The Muse!


“The Muse” has the most surreal and gory imagery. An artist has teamed up with an evil entity. His art imitates lfe through evil acts.

Hi-Death arrives on DVD, digital, and limited edition VHS on June 10th.

By Jorge Solis