horrortales.666, part 2

Horrortales.666 Part 2 is a a disturbing and inventive anthology film that holds its own on shock value and practical gore. Each segment dives into the realm of low budget B-movie trash with wicked glee. 

PLOT: “The sequel to the cult classic, shot-on-video horror anthology, Horrortales.666. 18 years ago a burglar broke into an author’s house and discovers a computer filled with forbidden stories. As he (Joel D. Wynkoop) reads he is drawn into the terror of each one.”

Here are five reasons why you should check out Horrortales.666 Part 2:

5) The Premise!

I am a hug fan of horror anthology films like V/H/SCreepshow, and All Hallow’s Eve. As a viewer, you will discover standout in the cast ensemble or become drawn to a filmmaker’s certain style. Directors Derek Braasch, Matt Cannon, Marcelo Fabani, Phil Herman, and Joe Sherlock all seem united to deliver the shock and gore fest. 

4) The Segments!

Along with the wraparound story, there’s a murder house out for sale, a Christmas Eve thriller, and cannibal killers. Cast members like Ari Lehman, Debbie Rochon, and Debbie D pop up in amusing cameos during their specific segments. 

3) The Standout!

My favorite among the short films was the Christmas Eve thriller. It’s a fun twisted tale about the cuckold and his unfaithful wife set during the holidays. If you’re not a fan of Christmas but love holiday horror, you’re absolutely going to enjoy this part! 

2) The Direction!

There’s this one segment that made great use of narration and special effects. Mr. Perez discovers his entire life has been a lie and the truth is revealed by the voice of a loved one. It’s a twisted recount of the worst day of your life in an apocalyptic thriller. 

1) B-Movie Fun!

If you’re really into B-movie trash, then your eyes are going to to be glued to Horrortales.666 Part 2 all the way. No doubt about it, this movie was definitely made for you. 

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