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Exploration Films delivers the powerfully moving and emotionally involving drama, The Furnace, starring Jamie Bernadette and Luthuli Dlamini. Riveting from beginning to end, co-writer/director Darrell Roodt stays true to the sentimental core and the uplifting spirit of an intelligent drama.

Newlywed Mary Harris (Jamie Bernadette) had two honeymoon tickets to Africa’s ultimate footrace, The Furnace, but lost everything in a horrific flash. Mary’s purpose for living is at a breaking point until she meets Coffin (Luthuli Dlamini), who has his own story of loss. Once a doctor in Africa, Coffin fled to America when a civil war annihilated his town. Over time, Coffin’s dedicated support and intense training helps Mary grow strong, and live to run again. But what will it take to let go of her pain and loss when she finally enters The Furnace?

Here are 5 reasons why you should see The Furnace:

5) Jamie Bernadette!

The Furnace

Without hesitation, Jamie Bernadette dives head-on into a role that has its fair share of physical and emotional demands. Delivering a passionate and poignant performance, Bernadette is undeniably raw as Mary attempts to claw her way back to her former self. Audiences will surely be glued to the screen because of Bernadette’s memorable performance.

4) Luthuli Dlamini!

As Coffin, Luthuli Dlamini is stubborn and strong-willed in his determination to help Mary during her fall from grace. With magnetic chemistry from Bernadette, Dlamini is incredibly captivating as Mary’s motivational coach during her race. It’s really about two wounded souls making a heartfelt connection. 

3) Sports Drama!

The Furnace

Because a major part of the film is about the integral footrace, the plot by Darrell Roodt and P.G. de Jonge deconstructs the rules of the sports drama. The motivational speeches you would expect from a sports drama are underlined by themes of mourning and loss. The race itself serves as a metaphor for the five stages of grief.

2) The Cinematography!

The exteriors and locations are shot so beautifully by cinematographer Justus de Jager. The camera captures the sweat and sunburns on Bernadette’s face as she pushes her herself to near-exhaustion during the race.

1) Powerfully Moving!

A gripping and inspiring drama, The Furnace is full of poignant human moments. Audiences will need to break out the tissues once they reach the end. 

The Furnace will be available on digital October 15th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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  1. An absolutely beautiful film
    Hope to see. Jaime in more films.
    She is much better than a horror film star.

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