Long Lost, Mainframe Pictures

Mainframe Pictures delivers a tantalizing and sexy erotic thriller, Long Lost, starring Adam Weppler, Catherine Corcoran, and Nicholas Tucci. A memorable exercise in suspense, writer/director Erik Bloomquist captures a terrifying thriller where sibling rivalry goes horribly wrong. 

Seth (Adam Weppler), a young man invited to spend a weekend at the Connecticut mansion of his long-lost millionaire half-brother Richard (Nicholas Tucci). With the help of his enigmatic live-in girlfriend Abby (Catherine Corcoran), Richard leads Seth down a psychosexual rabbit hole wherein luxury and temptation are intermingled with treachery and taboo.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Long Lost:

5) Catherine Corcoran!

Long Lost

With such magnetic charisma, actress Catherine Corcoran will hold the viewer’s gaze in the femme fatale role of Abby. Corcoran really dives into the sultry role of an alluring seductress, who’s undeniably perfect with her seductive manipulations, flirtations, and misdirections. You dare not look away as Abby (Corcoran) loses her clothing bit by bit during her seduction games.

4) Adam Weppler!

Adam Weppler does a fantastic job capturing Seth’s naiveness and curiosity. Told from Seth (Weppler)’s perspective, who wouldn’t want to stick around in a fancy mansion. What starts off as a tease, turns into seedy temptation, and finally heads towards deception.

3) Nicholas Tucci!

Long Lost

As Richard, Nicholas Tucci underlines his character with a manipulative and sinister charm. Tucci exudes Richard’s personality with pretentiousness and superiority. It’s easy to see why Seth would be afraid and unable to say no to his masculine brother.

2) Hitchcockian!

Writer/director Erik Bloomquist also has a clever sense of editing and timing as the suspenseful narrative leads to a shocking Hitchcockian ending. There is a dinner scene that shows off Thomson Nguyen’s steady camerawork in an elaborate one-take. Bloomquist builds tension by twisting every element before going into the big reveal.

1) A Sexy Thriller!

Long Lost

At it’s best, Long Lost explores and twists the genre of the sexy thriller. With a solid cast, the pulpy film manages to command the audience’s attention. 

Long Lost will be released in a 20-city limited theatrical run starting March 29th, 2019 and hits VOD this April.

By Jorge Solis