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High Octane Pictures delivers a visually stunning and engaging sci-fi thriller, Loophole, starring Chloe Lukasiak, Kera O’Bryon, and Timothy E. Goodwin.With a visual flair all her own, director Jenni Ivers captures a quick-paced thriller that gleefully ponders humanity’s fate.

The gene for violence is discovered, setting off a demand for world-wide testing, promoting the belief that these people will commit a violent crime. College student Lexi Smith (Chloe Lukasiak) finds herself in the middle of a collision between science and religion where all of humanity hangs in the balance.

Here are 5 reasons why we love Loophole:

5) Chloe Lukasiak!


Actress Chloe Lukasiak keeps college student, Lexi Smith, grounded in her innocence and naiveness. Late to class in the opening minutes, Lexi is an ordinary slacker caught in an extraordinary situation. Lukasiak has an interesting character arc as her character slowly takes charge while thrust into life-threatening events.

4) Gabrielle Valladares!

Gabrielle Valladares is simply amazing in her role as Emma. I love the scenes between Lexi and Emma because Valladares and Lukasiak exude such natural charisma. The two actresses are so in tune to each other’s reactions as they banter back and forth. 

3) Future and Present!

I don’t want to say too much about the narrative because I would be diving into spoilery territory. But the movie manages to create two different looks, the apocalyptic future and the near-present. As the audience, you know where you are in the timeline because the wardrobe and setting are dramatically different. 

2) The Climatic Finale!

Director Jenni Ivers captures a captivating and action-packed finale. As a filmmaker, Ivers throws in slow-motion effects and hand-held camera woks to unfold the action. Viewers are definitely dig the special effects-driven spectacle! 

1) Smart Ideas & Spectacle!


Thought-provoking and engaging, Loophole brings together tons of sci-fi ideas and action-packed spectacle! Chloe Lukasiak and Gabrielle Valladares are such standouts in this movie; I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Loophole is available JANUARY 8, 2019 ON DEMAND.

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One thought on “5 Reasons We Love ‘Loophole!’”

  1. This movie is so much better than I expected! The three main characters are magnetic on the screen. Lukasiak is the perfect choice for the lead actress. Those EYES. They’re so distinct and expressive, and they reinforce her gravitas and charisma so well. She was able to play the character with a quiet dignity and strength that was perfect. Several standout performances among the other cast members as well, particularly Riley, Eva & Sable. I just wish it had been longer!

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