Monsters, Makeup & Effect,: Conversations with Cinema’s Greatest Artists

Dark Ink recently announced the upcoming release of Monsters, Makeup & Effects: Conversations with Cinema’s Greatest Artists, a celebration about the makeup effects industry and the artists themselves. The four-volume series from journalist Heather Wixson will feature about 80 in-depth conversations with the most creative minds in Hollywood. 

“Pennywise. Xenomorphs. Freddy Krueger. Beetlejuice. Jason Voorhees. Most movie fans immediately recognize these creatures and characters, but hardly know much about the artists behind these iconic designs. In Monsters, Makeup & Effects: Volume 1, journalist Heather Wixson shines the spotlight on twenty special makeup effects artists, creators, and technicians whose work has left us captivated and marveling at their innovation, ingenuity, and creativity.”

5) What’s Inside!?!

The book will include behind-the-scenes photos and extensive interviews from heavyweights known for their special makeup effects!

4) What Makes A Monster?

What makes a monster so memorable? Is it nostalgia because the onscreen creature terrified us as a child? Is there a deeper meaning behind the design? I am excited to hear about these conversations that will hopefully clue me on the thought process. 

3) The Important Parts Of Film History!

Michael Aloisi, the owner of Dark Ink, states, “We are absolutely amazed that Heather was able to get so many brilliant and legendary artists to contribute their stories for this series. Their experiences are profound, interesting, entertaining, and important parts of film history.  We are honored that we get to publish these books and look forward to working with Heather over the next few years.”

2) Labor Of Love!  

Wixson adds, “These interviews have been a labor of love of mine over the course of the last five years, and I’m delighted that they have found a home at Dark Ink. One of the most important things that I’ve learned throughout my career is that everyone has a story to tell, and I am beyond humbled and grateful to be able to share and celebrate the lives and careers of these artists who helped fuel my own love of horror and science fiction for so many years.”

1) The Interviews!

The book includes interviews from:

Howard Berger 

Ve Neill 

“Screaming” Mad George 

 Thomas Burman

Joel Harlow 

Matt Rose 

Alec Gillis 

Tom Woodruff Jr.

David LeRoy Anderson 

Bari Dreiband-Burman 

Doug Drexler 

Wayne Toth

Lance Anderson 

Tony Gardner 

Patrick Tatopolous 

Jim McPherson

Bart Mixon 

Gabe Bartalos 

Paul Jones 

Everett Burrel

A release date will be announced soon for Monsters, Makeup & Effects: Conversations with Cinema’s Greatest Artists. The first volume expected early this summer and is currently up for pre-sale on the publisher’s website.  

By Jorge Solis