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Uncia Films delivers the powerfully moving martial arts drama Worth, starring Eduardo Castrillo and Tony Todd, now on Amazon Prime. Co-writer/director Eduardo Castrillo brings in so heart and hard-hitting action in his visually passionate love letter letter to Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Ricky (Castrillo), a top contender in Muay Thai, meets and falls in love with Danielle (Samantha Aper), a paralegal in the city. Together they embark a relationship dealing with his championship match and her big court case. Danielle gets into an accident putting her into a coma and now Ricky has to do whatever it takes in order to pay for medical care. 

Here are 5 reasons to see Worth on Amazon Prime:

5) Eduardo Castrillo!

Totally engaging to watch, Eduardo Castrillo brings in a lot of heart to his role as the naive Ricky. Notice how Ricky mops the floor before going back to the ring, teaching others what he knows, while dreaming of a successful career in Muay Thai. In the kickboxing sequences,the hits  Castillo takes to the face, are a painful reminder and intense inspiration of how someone from the middle-class fights for their dream of success.

4) Samantha Aper!

I love how the narrative slowly builds out the onscreen chemistry between Ricky and Danielle Danielle (Samantha Aper). With such genuinely sweet moments, Aper does a fantastic job showcasing the budding mutual attraction. Aper’s chemistry with Castrillo drives the narrative with such a heartfelt performance.

3) Tony Todd!

As a huge fan of Candyman and The Flash, I couldn’t wait to see Tony Todd as Hunter. In the film, Ricky teaches Hunter about the fundamentals of kickboxing. Todd does a phenomenal job juggling the roles of friend, mentor, and father-like figure. 

2) Johnny Gilligan!

Johnny Gilligan really stands out in the supporting role of Joe. Interestingly, Joe (Gilligan) sees Ricky as his cash machine and protege. Joe’s supporting role adds another dimension to the movie.

1) Heart-warming! 

 An inspiring tribute to the human spirit, Worth has such an enormous appeal and heart. The film thankfully steers towards charming sentimentality, instead of mushy hokeyness.

Worth is now available on Amazon Prime.

By Jorge Solis