Dead Shack, Shudder

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Packing tons of laugh-out-loud puns and zombie gore, Dead Shack makes its way exclusively onto the horror streaming platform, Shudder. This horror/comedy from Raven Banner Entertainment has loads of energy and wit that deserves to be seen.

Unexpected events start taking place while staying at a run-down cabin in the woods. During the weekend, three children must save their parents from a suspicious neighbor. Their neighbor intends on feeding them to her un-dead family.

Here are 5 reasons you should watch Dead Shack on Shudder:

5) The Chemistry!

Dead Shack, Shudder
Dead Shack

With an energetic cast, the scenes between Summer (Lizzie Boys), Colin(Gabriel LaBelle), and Colin’s friend Jason (Matthew Nelson-Mahood) are the most fun to watch. Boys, LaBelle, and Mahood nail their comedic timing as they bounce around their hilarious dialogue by director/co-writer Peter Ricq. A true delight onscreen, make sure you keep your eyes on the fun standout, Lizzie Boys.

4) Lauren Holly!

Are you a huge fan of Picket Fences? Sure you are! Is your favorite comedy, Dumb and Dumber? Why of course it is! Then your going to love Lauren Holly, who chews up the scenery playing the Big Bad of the flick. Holly gets the chance to play the scary-as-hell and tough-as-grit antagonist known only as Neighbor.

3) The Laughs!

Like many viewers, they will be laughing out loud at the one-liner, “What’s a landline?” The physical comedy comes from Donavon Stinson, who plays the inebriated father, Roger. He wants to be chill dad but unfortunately, the sober kids know better than him.

2) Zombie Gore!

Horror fans won’t be disappointed with the juicy gore and zombie-munching effects. The splatter effects are an added bonus to the off-the-wall humor. This is a major reason above all to see the zombie movie on Shudder!

1) See It On Shudder!

Nailing the humor and gore, Dead Shack boasts a likable cast with rambunctious characters and even scarier zombies. Horror fans will definitely have fun watching this on a repeated loop on Shudder.  

Dead Shack will debut exclusively on Shudder, on Thursday, February 15 2018.  

– By Jorge Solis

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