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An unforgettable combination of art and story, All-Star Batman Volume 1: My Own Worst Enemy kickstarts the action right from the first page. Not only are the illustrations pleasing to the eye, the thrilling narrative moves at a fast pace and keeps the reader engaged.

All-Star Batman Volume 1: My Own Worst Enemy

DC Comics

Scott Snyder (Writer)

John Romita Jr.(Artist)

Declan Shalvey (Artist)

As the clouds continue to bring down acid raid, Harvey Dent holds the key to saving the guilty and the not-so innocent citizens of Gotham City. Two-Face has forced the Dark Knight to move away from the cityscape and travel across the western frontier. During their road trip to hell, Two-Face will go to any lengths to stop the Bat from finding the cure to Harvey’s split personality. Handcuffed to his former best friend, the caped crusader has to face deadly assassins, money-hungry bounty hunters, and an angry mob before reaching his final destination.

Through the iconic anti-hero, writer Scott Snyder delivers a thought-provoking commentary on human nature. Knowing everyone is guilty of their own personal demons and vices, Two-Face gives voice to our worst selves. Giving hope to the helpless, Batman’s faith is unbreakable, even when his spirit seems to be tearing away. In their climatic showdown, these two aren’t throwing punches at each other, but are fighting over their philosophies.

Switching over from the New 52 to Rebirth, Snyder continues to have fun playing in the Dark Knight’s playground, especially with his rogue gallery. In the collection of the first five issues, the most memorable scenes surprisingly come from the Penguin and KG Beast. Continuity appears to be separate off of Tom King’s fantastic run of Batman, which means any new reader can jump right along.

Just like he did with the Kick-Ass series, artist John Romita Jr. delivers illustrations that perfectly capture the right amount of blood and graphic violence. The artwork captures the Batman in all his glory, whether he’s carrying a chainsaw or marching across a wheat field. When the Bat takes a beating, Romita draws the blood oozing from his bruises.

The audience moves away from the gritty streets of Gotham and smack dab into the middle of rural Americana. The glowing landscapes are rendered perfectly by the phenomenal colors of Dean White. Day time really comes out popping thanks to White’s vivid hues.

“The Cursed Wheel” is an interesting coming-of age short story by Snyder and artist Declan Shalvey. I’m not too familiar with Batman’s latest sidekick, Duke, who may or may not be the next Robin. His yellow Bat-suit is quite lively because of Jordie Bellaire’s colors. In my opinion though, Duke is a better use of a character when he’s the comic relief in My Own Worst Enemy.

Readers are definitely going to love every single page of All-Star Batman Volume 1: My Own Worst Enemy.


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– By Jorge Solis