Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2, TNT

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TNT continues Season 3 of their compelling crime drama, Animal Kingdom, starring Shawn Hatosy and Ellen Barkin, with Episode 2: In The Red. With Smurf (Barkin) behind bars, can her boys continue their living through armed robberies without her?

After Baz (Scott Speedman)’s death, Pope (Shawn Hatosy) notices Lena (Aamya Deva Keroles) is having trouble sleeping. While Nicky (Molly Gordon) parties, J (Finn Cole) quickly realizes the bills are coming in and their money reserve is being depleted. He desperately needs advice from their crooked lawyer, Morgan Wilson (Laura San Giacomo).

At the prison, Smurf finds herself getting a job offer from a prison inmate. The inmate wants to get back at her lover, so her boys have to steal before he does. Smurf gets a warning from Morgan; the prosecution is building a case against her.

After stealing cars during his latest robbery, Deran (Jake Weary) tells Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) what happened to Baz. He wants to help sponsor Adrian on his surfing; the money is his. Unfortunately, a member of his crew was arrested for the car robbery, putting him in the path of the police.

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2, TNT
Animal Kingdom Season 3, Episode 2

During his visit with Smurf at the prison, J realizes he has to convince the others to pull another job and give him the share of the profits. This will help pay the bills and keep Smurf protected in prison, without them realizing they’re helping her. After leaving the jailhouse, Mia (Sohvi Rodriguez) won’t leave J alone until she pays him back.

After Lucy (Carolina Guerra) hands him Baz’s autopsy report, Pope tells Lena about his dark childhood. He wants Lena to pick a private school for herself. They’re rich and they don’t have to worry about tuition.

Just when he is about to have sex with Renn (Christina Ochoa), Craig (Ben Robson) catches a young punk kid robbing at his house party.  After dumping the kid into the pool, Craig finds himself confronting a local gangster and his crew. Because the kid is related to the gangster, Craig ends up taking a beating from them.

Meanwhile, J is able to get the money for Mia from his safe place. He ends up having scar sex with Mia. Though she doesn’t suspect him thinking, Nicky warns J that a robbery was pulled off without him. J squeals on Deran and warns Pope that they need to keep the money coming in.

At the meet, J tells Pope and Deran they need to do another job. Pope has already spent his savings on raising Lena. Deran already spent his share on his lover. They need to pull together another job quick and hope the cops aren’t watching.  

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2, TNT
Animal Kingdom Season 3, Episode 2

Craig arrives at the meet all bloodied up, telling everyone he’s also lost his money.

Animal Kingdom continues on TNT every Tuesday at 9pm.

By Jorge Solis

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