Resevoir Dogs: Bloody Days From Big Star Games

(Courtesy of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Facebook)

Lionsgate and Big Star Games have teamed up for a strategy shooter based on Reservoir Dogs, the directorial debut of Quentin Tarantino. With the launch of the extended gameplay trailer, gamers can now start planning their own heist with Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days.

In Tarantino’s feature debut, the nonlinear plot revolves around a group of thieves as they attempt to pull off their diamond heist. It wouldn’t be a Tarantino flick if the story didn’t jump backwards and forwards in time. As the criminals recount how the bloody ambush came about, though we don’t actually see the heist itself, they each begin to suspect each other of being an undercover cop.

5) It’s Different Than The Cult Classic!

According to FlickeringMyth, the videogame follows the six iconic characters, such as Mr. Pink and Mr. White, from the movie. Bloody Days will feature a single-player cooperative gameplay across 18 different levels. The player will have their own crime capers to pull off, which includes robbing banks, docks, nightclubs.

4) Check out The Trailer!

3) There’s A Contest For The Game!

For the game’s initial launch, Big Star Games will hold a global contest for streamers. While playing a level of the game, streaming with highest score are rewarded with money for their Steam wallet and redeemable Steam codes.

2) Should I be Mr. Pink or Mr Blonde?

Well anybody actually, as long as it’s not Mr. Brown. That name sounds horrible for so many reasons! Plus Mr. Black’s busy. And no switching names!

1) When Does it Come Out?

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will be released on May 18th. If anything changes, we’ll keep you updated.

 For more info, check out the official website.

– By Jorge Solis