‘Black Lightning’ Recap: Episode 5 “And Then The Devil Brought The Plague: The Book Of Green Light”

Black Lightning Episode 5, CW

(Courtesy of The CW)

Before taking a break, the CW Network continues their newest superhero drama Black Lightning, starring Cress Williams, with Episode 5: And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light. After being away in exile, Black Lightning has to face the secrets of his past in order to protect his city and his family.

While practicing how to fly, Black Lightning stumbles upon two police officers beating up a kid. The officers don’t realize they’re dealing with an innocent civilian juiced on Green Light. Black Lightning stops the cops from shooting the kid.

Breaking the rules of mob queen Lady Eve (Jill Scott), Tobias Whale (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) pays Peter Gambi (James Remar) a visit. Holding up his gun, Gambi refuses to give up Black Lightning’s location. Peter also mentions Tobias has been living longer and staying the same age because of a special serum.

At the roller rink, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) deals with a bunch of mean girls, who mock her boyfriend, Khalil (Jordan Calloway)’s physical therapy.The mean girls then start a fight with Jennifer, who defends herself. Jennifer manages to break one of their arms, but ends up in trouble with her parents.

Elsewhere, Anissa (Nafessa Williams) is digging up the history of her superpowers, which leads to her grandfather. Jefferson isn’t too thrilled with his daughter looking into his past history, neither is her grandfather’s former boss. Anissa’s grandfather was on the verge of cracking a kidnapping case but was murdered.

Anissa manages to find a secret storage facility hiding her grandfather’s notes. She needs to make a costume for herself first and goes shopping. With a bright blue outfit, that must be seen to be believed, Anissa breaks into the storage room and steals her grandfather’s notes.

After finding out where Green Light is stored, Black Lightning hears the name of Joey Toledo. At that moment, he realizes Gambi has been lying to him; he’s been keeping Tobias a secret. Just as the two are arguing, Jefferson’s own powers shut him down.

Meanwhile, Tobias and his sister reminisce how he was a former councilman who escaped his abusive past. Tobias squeezes the life out of his abusive stepfather as payback. Though Lynn (Christine Adams) manages to revive him, she’s even more worried about her ex husband.

Refusing to listen to his own advice, Jefferson finally meets with Joey Toledo (Eric Mendenhall)  and fights him outside his club. With his powers draining, Black Lighting gets an unexpected beatdown from Joey. Unwilling to give up Tobias, Toledo escapes after punching out Black Lightning.

Unable to stand on his own two feet, Black Lightning drops onto the floor defeated.

Black Lightning returns from break February 27, 2018 and continues Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW.

– By Jorge Solis