Black Lightning Episode 9, CW

(Courtesy of @blacklightning)

As more secrets are unlocked and the truth unfolds, the CW Network continues the high-stakes action of their latest superhero drama Black Lightning, starring Cress Williams, with Episode 9: The Book of Little Black Lies. After being away in exile, Black Lightning has to face the secrets of his past in order to protect his city and his family.

Unable to deal with Peter Gambi (James Remar)’s revelations, Jefferson (Williams) makes a call to Inspector Henderson (Damon Gupton). Making a deal together, Henderson has to carry out his off-the-record investigation during his days off. Refusing to let her sister feel sorry for herself Anissa (Nafessa Williams) reveals to Jennifer (China Anne McClain) that she’s Thunder, her father is Black Lightning, and shows off her superpowers.  

Jennifer is furious that her family has been lying to her the entire time. Jefferson and Lynn (Christine Adams) argue with Anissa about keeping secrets. Lynn is worried how Black Lightning is putting her family in danger; they could have been better parents.

Lynn reveals there was a bribery case and Tobias Whale was named in the grandfather’s research. Anissa wants to be involved but Lynn urges her to be safe. Lynn is not Vixen, nor Supergirl, but she is a patient mother who loves Jennifer.

During their investigation, Anissa follows the money trail. Elsewhere, Peter injects an operative with poison and gets him to confess. Wearing Obama masks, Thunder and Black Lightning interrogate a lawyer, who types up the names on his cell.

While Anissa looks up her online fanbase, Peter identifies a hacker and figures out how the nuclear gun was made. During his stakeout, Henderson takes photos of an exchange that leads him to a Green Light Lab.

Gambi discovers bodies hidden in containers at a warehouse. The government has been rounding up civilians with powers that Peter was scouting. A repentant Gambi tells Anissa that  Black Lightning is the only person who can bring these criminals to justice. He then gives Thunder the costume he promised her.

Turning on her costume, Thunder meets with Black Lightning. She points out that they have both been hiding things from each other. Lynn apologizes for hurting Jennifer, for not trusting her. Admitting to her mother, Jennifer doesn’t want to save the world; she just wants to live.

Breaking down in tears, Jennifer realizes she may never have kids in her future. Just when Black Lightning and Thunder are about to follow Martin Proctor (Greg Henry), Henderson interrupts with an urgent call; he’s following the guns.

At the Green Light lab, Thunder fights off the gunmen as Martin holds the scientist hostage. Henderson saves Black Lightning from getting shot in the back of the head. Before destroying the lab, father and daughter take down two armored government hitmen.

Jennifer and Jefferson watch a movie together, easing the tension from before.

Black Lightning continues Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW.

By Jorge Solis